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3 Must-Have Card Games About Death and End-of-Life Conversations


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Conversation card games have gained increased popularity in recent years for their fun and lighthearted way of getting to know new people. Crafted to engage players in discussions on general life and social issues, a series of intentional questions and prompts allow friends and family to share stories, build meaningful relationships and learn more about each other.

Why Are Conversation Card Games So Popular?

For many, these games help people break the ice by taking the first step to initiate a conversation, whether it be sharing something new about oneself or having differing opinions. Some conversation card games focus on a specific topic, like discussions on living and dying, where the probes foster dialogue on end-of-life and what matters the most.

But, Where Is The Fun In Them?

Not all games were created with winning objectives, the “fun” in conversational card games comes when players take charge in sharing personal experiences and create a safe space to explore sensitive topics—recounting memories, exchanging personal reflections, sharing experiences and building connections with people they otherwise never would have.

With so many card games available in the market, which one should you go for? We curated a list of 3 engaging conversational card games that delve into matters of life and death. Stay tuned till the end for a bonus!

1. Hello Game

Hello Game is an easy conversational card game that takes a sensitive approach to facilitating conversations on end-of-life values and wishes.

Discussing topics like this can be intimidating and challenging, therefore having a structured and supportive environment can encourage communication on the things that matter most.

The deck comes with 5 question booklets, Thank-You chips and an instruction booklet on how to get your friends and family started.

2. Heart to Heart Cards 

Heart to Heart is a conversational card game designed with the Chinese-speaking community in mind.

Part of a broader community, the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC-US), the game aids to spark conversations on end-of-life care and wishes among family, caregivers, healthcare providers and loved ones.

Using this platform and way of communicating, individuals can express their wishes and preferences, ensuring they are properly communicated with and respected by their loved ones.

3. The Death Deck 

Unlike the aforementioned card games, The Death Deck does not primarily focus on end-of-life planning but more on the topic of death itself, which is often seen as taboo to discuss.

The game is designed to be an accessible and easy way to encourage reflection and communication of their perception, beliefs and ideals of death, even helping individuals cope with the idea of mortality or the death of a loved one. 

BONUS! Wheel of Fortune by Immortalize

While this may not be a typical conversation card game, Wheel of Fortune by Immortalize is a strategic card game centering end-of-life estate planning (also involving conversations among players). The game comes with a backstory, a distinct gameplay setup and 9 unique persona cards and special powers to help you master legacy planning. The first of its kind in Singapore, Will of Fortune allows people of all ages to learn about end-of-life matters and other types of planning to consider apart from funeral arrangements.

Conversations about life and death can be daunting, it can also be an invaluable experience for loved ones, bridging the gap between one another. These thoughtfully crafted card games serve as a comprehensive way to vulnerably connect people together. Share with us on IGDM if this article has helped you get started on conversational card games and tell us what you would like to read next!

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