3 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Pre-planning your funeral may seem daunting and irrelevant to some at this stage in their life. However, pre-planning can be for anyone at any time as long as one feels ready and is in good health to make these decisions for themselves.

Pre-funeral planning is planning your funeral in advance, ensuring that your final wishes and requests are expressed clearly and to the right people.

Besides funeral procession planning, pre-planning also includes estate planning such as will writing, CPF nomination, and bank accounts. If you are deciding whether to begin pre-planning, here are 3 reasons why you should.

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1. Pre-planning Gives You Full Control

Pre-planning allows you to take full control of your funeral decisions. As you are in charge of planning your own funeral, you have full autonomy over the type of funeral you want, casket preferences, to be cremated or buried, and your final resting place. You have the final say in these decisions instead of your loved ones, who may find it challenging to figure out your funeral preferences.

2. Grant Your Loved Ones Peace of Mind

Families may find it difficult to plan a wake after the loss of a loved one. The stress and grief that comes with the loss can affect decision making skills and family members may result in disagreements on how to conduct your funeral. With a clear plan and carefully thought out details, your loved ones may be put to ease and can focus on grieving and healing without having to worry about making important decisions.

3. Staying Prepared Ahead of Time

During planning, you are able to anticipate any inconveniences and drawbacks. With foresight, you are able to make decisions that prevent or aid certain issues. For example, we know that funeral arrangements are not cheap and finances may be a problem to some. When you pre-plan, you are able to consult prices in the market, set a budget, and reserve some funds in the care of your loved ones.

Aside from funeral matters, there are other things for you to take into consideration during pre-planning such as estate planning including will writing, CPF nominations, bank accounts, and digital accounts.

We hope this article has helped you in deciding if pre-planning is right for you. We understand that not everyone is prepared to make heavy decisions at this point in their lives, we still hope to have provided you with some insights on pre-planning and what it entails.

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