One aspect that many bereaved families might overlook during funeral arrangements is choosing the clothing of the deceased. It might not be a simple decision for some, considering this will be the last time family members and funeral visitors might be able to see the deceased and pay their respects during the funeral service.

If the deceased hasn’t made their clothing preferences clear, here are a few simple guidelines you can follow to help you choose their final clothing.

1. Keep their personality and personal style in mind

Think about showcasing their unique personality, especially during an open-casket funeral or memorial ceremony. You can dress your loved one in a way that many people were used to seeing them, and this can be comforting to those in attendance. Include elements of the deceased’s personal style such as a favourite colour or accessory, so you can truly dedicate the funeral to the memory of the deceased.

2. Consider the religious and cultural requirements

Different cultures and religions have different requirements with regards to what you can bury your deceased loved ones in. For instance, Buddhist funeral customs dictate that it’s important the dead are not buried in fancy clothes, but rather in everyday attire that the deceased would normally wear. If you are arranging a religious funeral, you can check with the relevant religious leader to ensure that your loved one’s final attire is suitable and appropriate.

3. Think about the type of funeral service you’re planning

Consider the circumstances at the funeral, whether it’s an open-casket or closed casket service, or a cremated burial. An open casket can offer a sense of closure to friends and family members – seeing the deceased one last time to say their goodbye and bring great comfort and allow the mourner to begin their healing. As such, try to capture the feel of what the deceased was like in their waking life so people can remember them as they were.

For a closed casket funeral or cremation, the deceased won’t be seen by people who are coming to pay their last respects. The only consideration would be to think about any clothing that the deceased may have wanted to be buried in or contain sentimental value.


Similar to other aspects of funeral planning, coordinate closely with your choice of funeral service and funeral director for the deceased’s clothing. This way, you get to ensure everything can go as smooth as possible to honour your loved one and provide a meaningful closure.

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