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Losing someone dear to you could be hard on both your family and yourself. One of the best parting gifts you could offer your loved one would be a heartfelt eulogy. However, with many guests waiting to listen to your speech, you might be feeling the nerves wondering how to write one that conveys your intentions and even resonate with others who are grieving. To help you out, here are some tips for curating a meaningful speech and respectful send off for your loved one.

1. Decide on a structure

The structure of a eulogy can be similar to that of other speeches. As such, to ensure your thoughts are placed coherently, you can adopt a proper structure while writing. The three-part format used widely would be to have an introduction, body and conclusion.

While there is no fixed eulogy length, many give a eulogy for approximately three to five minutes. With this duration in mind, you can allocate the length for each section – generally, the introduction and conclusion are shorter, while the main bulk of the speech is attributed to the body. However, many have said that less is more: a suggestion would be to craft a concise speech that conveys your most sincere intentions.

With regards to the content, if you intend to include stories of the deceased, a suggestion would be to arrange them in chronological order. This would showcase the accomplishments of your loved one. On the other hand, if you wish to switch things up, consider arranging the achievements in reverse chronological order.

But, not forgetting that the focus of the speech could also affect your eulogy structure. If you wish to focus on one event in your loved one’s life, be sure to let your speech centre around it, peppered with various anecdotes and examples.

2. Share your memories of your loved one

After giving a brief introduction about the deceased, make your speech more endearing and engaging by including some personal memories you share with your loved one. At the same time, it’s important to understand that you do not have to overshare: choose a memory that you are comfortable speaking about and elaborate on the deceased’s treasured qualities.

If you are uncomfortable sharing these intimate moments with others, you could talk to other close family members and compile a collage of memories instead. Tie these moments together with a common theme, such as a characteristic frequently displayed by the deceased or what they are best known for.

3. Keep family members in mind

Don’t forget to mention your other family members within the speech. While the eulogy is typically seen as a letter to the deceased, these words can also offer the bereaved family or other grieving members of the funeral some comfort.

One way to go about this is to include anecdotes of the deceased’s family life. These cherished stories and memories gives the guests a glimpse into what life at home was like with the deceased. What’s more, this act also pays tribute to the mourning family.

4. Check the tone of your speech

Although a funeral is typically a sombre occasion, at the same time, it can also be a celebration of the life of the deceased. Depending on what you feel might be appropriate for the guests and the atmosphere, you can choose to phrase your message on a more light-hearted or serious note. 

However, it’s good to remember that a funeral can be a lonely period for some. Using a more conversational tone can make the mood less daunting. While each griever might be experiencing personal loss, a conversational approach can portray the healing process as a shared experience. You could also include pauses to emphasise some pointers or offer your listeners time to process your words.


Crafting and delivering a eulogy can be challenging as you balance between processing and expressing your own emotions. Hence, as you prepare your eulogy, use these tips to help you get started on the message you wish to convey to both your deceased loved one and other grievers.

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