Funeral Service, Singapore Funeral Service

After the passing of a loved one, many turn to a reliable funeral home that can deliver a funeral service in accordance to the family’s preferences. This offers the family time and headspace to focus on their emotions and mourn their loss. At the same time, the funeral home takes care of the more logistical aspects such as arranging for the cremation service and catering of funeral food.

Yet, because many only look towards funeral services nearing the death or after their loved one has passed on, there are many misunderstandings about the role of funeral homes in death care. Listed below are some of the major misconceptions and how funeral homes can actually support you in this difficult time.

Myth 1: Funeral homes can only assist with burial services

When talking about funeral homes, some might assume that they only provide burial services. That’s because in the past, most funeral homes used to offer burial services exclusively due to the demand for burials. However, these days, almost every funeral home provides cremation services alongside burial. As cremation has become a more sought after option, funeral homes have found it necessary to offer this service.

Myth 2: Funeral homes are only for religious people

Many believe that funeral homes are only catered to people of religious faith. Although some funeral homes can be associated with a single religion or tend to offer religious-specific funeral services only, there are also many other funeral homes that offer non-religious or Free Thinker funerals. In Singapore, as the common religions are Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity, many funeral homes include services with accordance to these religious practices.

Myth 3: Funeral homes are way too expensive

There is also hesitance to engage funeral homes services because of the common misconception that they are too expensive for the average family to afford. However, the price of a funeral service can be scaled up or down according to your budget. Typically, the cost of funeral services rises with the length of the service (from two days up till one week).

Myth 4: Funeral homes do not offer personalised funeral services

Some might also steer away from funeral homes with the idea that the available services appear identical. But, it is possible to craft a distinct and dignified funeral for your loved one by asking your funeral director for customised services. If you wish to do so, be sure to let your requests be heard before narrowing down your funeral home choice.


Funeral homes offer a specialised range of services that are essential at a difficult time. Contrary to popular belief, the services delivered by funeral homes are usually extensive, relevant, affordable, and suitable for every funeral need.

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