We plan for important stages in life like getting married and retirement, but what about planning for the inevitable? When we die, our loved ones may be overwhelmed by emotions and grief. In most cases, they will be consulting with a funeral director and mulling over paperwork, stressing over the details of your funeral services or feeling the financial burden of the funeral costs.

Preplanning your funeral can help your loved ones to avoid the guesswork when death occurs, giving them a peace of mind that everything has been arranged. They can focus on celebrating your life and legacy, instead of worrying about the burdens of planning a funeral. Here are 4 steps you can take to pre-plan your funeral.

1. Update your will appropriately 

Distributing your assets once you are gone may be one of the most difficult things your family will go through if you don’t write a will. Your will should include all assets including personal possessions. Having one prepared can prevent the possibility that your loved ones will disagree over your possessions or any confusion and uncertainty that may arise over your wealth distribution.

2. Do funeral-shopping

This is an opportunity for you to take as much time in coming to a decision on your chosen funeral home. You can shop around, compare prices and packages, and decide based on your preference and budget. Like any expenses, funeral costs can continue to increase over time. When you pre-plan, you can potentially save your loved ones the funeral burden of having to come up with cash quickly, adding on to the stress of loss.

3. Reflect on the details

At the same time, you should also reflect on your wishes and how you prefer your funeral to be carried out. Will there be a burial or cremation? Are there any religious funeral customs to adhere to? Depending on you or your family traditions and customs, they can influence the type of funeral service you would like to have for yourself. The funeral can also be personalized to reflect your hobbies and interests, and how your loved ones wish to share their memories of you.

4. Share with your loved ones

Talking to your family about funeral planning can be difficult, but it is important to discuss the plans you have made. You don’t want to leave all the burden to your loved ones when you have the chance to do things your way. Keep copies of your funeral prearrangement documents in a safe, accessible place where they are aware of.

By making these essential decisions beforehand, you can ensure you will receive a proper send-off. It is also comforting to know you have done everything you could to ease their burden, and let your family celebrate and honour the life you lived.