Funeral services are often considered as solemn farewell ceremonies. However, the elements of a funeral can vary widely based on the unique personality of the departed being memorialised. Regardless of whether you’re holding a traditional funeral with rituals such as Buddhist funeral customs or one that’s simple, there are several ways that you can add creativity to your loved one’s send-off.

Adding creativity to a funeral service gives you the opportunity to pay a more personal tribute to your loved one before you say your final goodbyes to them.

Below, we’ve prepared a few creative ideas that you can include in your loved one’s funeral service.

1. Choose a theme

A funeral is a celebration of life. While you don’t have to decorate it with props, you can integrate certain aspects of your loved one’s life into the décor. For example, if your loved one had a favourite sports team, you can display some of his or her merchandise at the funeral. You don’t have to decorate the entire venue like a party. But integrating small elements of your loved one’s personality into the service makes all the difference.

2. Pick flowers that convey a message

White flowers are traditionally used during funerals as they symbolise the innocence that has been restored into the soul of the deceased – but you don’t necessarily need to stick to white. Go bold with your flower choice and pick some that match what your loved one would have liked. You can opt for their favourite blooms or something that represents them, like the flower of their birth month. According to the overall décor theme of the funeral, you can either go for bright and colourful flowers or keep it simple with splashes of gentle, neutral colours.

However, take note of certain colours that should be avoided. For instance, red flowers at a Buddhist funeral ceremony is considered poor etiquette as it symbolises happiness and wealth. Be sure to consult a professional funeral company to help you with flower choice and arrangement.

3. Engage the departed’s community

If your loved one was involved in a community or club, engage them in the planning and the programme of the funeral service. One way to represent these communities at a funeral is by displaying some of their logos, emblems and colours around the venue.

4. Write down special memories

Funerals often provide the opportunity for friends and family to reconnect and offer one another support during the loss of their loved one. Set up a station with cards and stationery for guests to write down their favourite memories with the departed.

Alternatively, you can hand them out individually to the guests during their time at the funeral. Upon writing them down, the guests can share these heartfelt stories with each other to remember and honour your loved one. The cards can then be collected into a jar for the departed’s family to treasure for a lifetime.

5. Sow seeds in memory

In many cultures, planting a tree symbolises the start of new beginnings, including birth, marriage and death. You can embrace this tradition by packaging seeds for a plant that the funeral guests can bring back home to plant in memory of your departed loved one. Similar to the funeral flowers, the plant can be your loved one’s favourite flower or one that represents an aspect of their lives.


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