Saying goodbye to someone you love is a process that doesn’t just end after the funeral service. For people who have experienced the death of a closed loved one, they may find that their grief does not lessen with them – in fact, grief might never completely go away.

In the process of moving on, there are things that you can do that are therapeutic and conducive to help you accept the loss and resume your own life. A good example is to find ways on how you can memorialise yuse social media to memorialiseour loved ones. It provides the opportunity for you to showcase what you loved dearly about the deceased and do something special in their memory. Read on to know some of the creative ways you can do to honour your loved ones.

1. Memorialise them online 

Many family members are starting to use social media to memorialise and commemorate their loved ones. Facebook, for example, allows users to memorialise someone’s account after their passing. You can post an announcement on the page to notify followers of important information such as the memorial service date, and allow friends and family members to post their memories that they’ve shared with the deceased.

Some may even go as far as to set up a private blog or website for a personalised online memorial page, with features such as customised song playlist, virtual flowers and stories dedicated to keeping the deceased’s memory alive.

2. Make a memory jar

This idea is fairly simple, but you get to express your creativity when decorating the jar and filling it up with memories of your loved one. This can include ticket stubs, photos, personal belongings – any item that holdsa significant memory to cherish. Every year or so, you can take the time to sit down and go over each memory. If you do this process with other family members, they will be reminded of many treasured stories, and maybe even get to learn some new ones.

3. Commission a piece of art

If you’re not particularly skilled in painting or sculpting, consider commissioning someone for an art piece to honour your loved one. This could be something as simple as a digital drawing, painting or even pottery. The great thing about this is, you get to customise a unique piece to remember the deceased and have it displayed in your own home.

4. Create or build something in their honour

If you’re already skilled in something, grab the opportunity to get hands-on in creating something special for a loved one. If you want a challenge, try something you’ve never done before and pick up a new skill – whether it’s knitting, gardening or modern calligraphy. With all the love and effort poured into the project, it is a great way to honour someone you love.

5. Grow a memorial garden

You don’t need a spacious backyard to plant and grow some flowers – in fact, you can place a couple of planters in front of your doorstep or on your balcony. The plants can be those the deceased was particularly fond of, or something that would serve as a reminder of their attribute. This can be their favourite colour like tulips and lilies, or their favourite scent which include options like roses and lavenders. Ultimately, it will provide a place of peace to remember fond memories and support reflection and healing.


Regardless of how big or small the act is, how you choose to memoralise your loved one is highly personal. What matters is taking action which enables a more proactive approach to mourning and honouring a loved one whose memory will never fade.

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