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Most people would already hold strong beliefs about how they want their body to be handled after their passing, while some are still undecided. A big part of making final arrangements includes choosing between cremation and burial – and in this article, we are focused on cremation to clear the air regarding this process.

Whether you are organising the funeral for your loved one or pre-planning for yours, here are six things that you should know about cremation services to help make sure that you are making the right decision.

1. Funerals can be held even if the remains will be cremated

The common belief about funerals is that there has to be a body for the funeral service to occur, and the funeral service cannot be held when cremation is chosen as it turns the remains of the deceased to ash.

While cremation does reduce the flesh and bones of a person to ashes, funerals and other memorial services can still be held before the process of cremation. If the funeral service is held after the cremation, most may choose to use a cremation urn to pay their respects instead of a casket.

2. The rates for cremation services vary

When looking to cremate the remains of your loved one, do your research and ask multiple funeral service providers about their cremation services so that you can compare and find the one that fits your budget. You may also wish to consider if they do personalisation for urns or even keepsake jewellery to memorialise your loved one.

3. You can do away with embalming

The purpose of embalming is to make sure that the remains of your loved one is presentable and will slow the decomposition process for the duration of the funeral service. If a viewing does not take place at all, embalming could be seen as an unnecessary expense.

4. You can take the ashes with you

One of the many advantages of having the remains of your loved ones cremated instead of buried is that you can take them home with you. In addition, some people find solace in knowing that the remains of a deceased family member are kept close to them in their homes.

5. The cremation process doesn’t take long

The cremation can last between one and three hours, on top of the cooling process which may take another hour or two. This will depend on cremation temperatures, the coffin material and the size of the deceased. Most crematoriums will be able to return a loved one’s ashes a day after the cremation or even on the same day, depending when the cremation process is completed.

6. You can choose a coffin for cremation

While you may not need a coffin or a casket for burial, you can still choose from a range of wooden and veneer coffins that can be cremated with the body. There are also cardboard coffins if you wish to go the environmentally friendly route. Depending on your choice of a funeral director, you can learn more about the types of coffins they carry for your cremation needs.

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