Best Funeral Service, Funeral Cost

Not everyone can talk about death easily. Approaching such a sad, morbid topic can be tough and just merely thinking about it is worse. But as much as we may not want to talk about it, death is imminent. And someday when our time comes, we’ll just have to say goodbye to everyone.

Therefore, it important to calculate the funeral cost in Singapore so that you will not be caught unaware when death does occur, and you have no idea what to do next.

This article will highlight a step by step process of how you can say your final farewell.

Step 1: Decide on A Funeral Home

For those who are inexperienced or have little knowledge, some Singaporeans might not have an idea what to do when death knocks on their door. Even if they do know it will inevitably happen, there is so little they can do in their time of grief.

The solution? Funeral homes.

Once you have contacted them, they will arrive at your residence within an hour, no matter the time. Staff from the funeral homes will then take care of the rest of the process for you, giving you time to grieve.

When a funeral occurs, the first thing you should do is choose a funeral home from the Association of Funeral Directors in Singapore.

Step 2: Obtain A Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

Obtaining a CCOD depends on where the death occurred. Hospital deaths are easy to handle because a doctor will certify the cause of death and then the CCOD will be issued as soon as possible. You will, however, need the ID of the deceased for a CCOD. 

Step 3: Register the Death

Once the CCOD is obtained, it can then be used to register the death. Registration can be done at any neighbouring police post or the Citizen Service Centre. When you are going to register, remember to bring the CCOD, the ID of the deceased and the informant’s ID. 

There are no fees involved in this stage. Note that the Centre will keep the CCOD and issue you with a death certificate to help you arrange for an obituary.

Step 4: Prepare an Obituary (Optional)

This step is optional because you will need to decide whether you want to announce the death in any of the local newspapers. It’s a good way of publicly letting the friends and family know of the details about the wake and the funeral.

Prices for obituaries may vary depending on the newspaper publisher and the size of the obituary.

Step 5: Arrange for The Wake & Funeral

This is the final step. Here, you have to decide whether you want everything to be done within a day or over a period of time such as 7 days.

The amount of time taken before burial depends on your culture and religion. For example, if you are holding a Buddhist memorial service as compared to a Christian funeral, arrangements might take much longer for burial or cremation.

You will also need to decide on the location for the wake, the type of casket to use as well as the period of the wake and funeral.


In these five steps, you will be able to bid goodbye to your departed loved ones without having to put a lot of strain on yourself.

It is always wise to reach out to funeral homes regarding funeral services in Singapore as well as the local authorities if you are unsure what to do when a death occurs.