Ancestral tablets have been used in Chinese religious folklore for over centuries now. As the name suggests, ancestral or ancestor tablets were used to venerate the dead. They’re also a reminder of the deeds and significance they’ve had in temporal life. Ancestral worship is still practised in Taoist and Buddhist traditions to date.

In Singapore, families of the bereaved store ancestral tablets in columbariums or altars at home. These tablets were initially made out of wood in ancient religious history. However, modern ancestral tablets are made out of crystal or stone. The inscription on these tablets includes the name of the deceased. It is a way to immortalise their spirits and keep them alive in the memories of their loved ones.

Families also offer incense and flowers alongside these religious materials as a form of good virtue. They may also decide to place the tablet on an altar at home. But, some families may place the tablets elsewhere. Due to limited space, they may transfer the tablets to Buddhist temples or memorial parks.

If you would like to keep the tablet at home or transfer it to a columbarium, you can seek the help of our funeral advisors here at Casket Fairprice. We’ll help you choose an appropriate design for the tablet and arrange transport to its final destination.

7 Considerations For Placing Ancestral Tablets In Columbariums


  1. If you don’t have enough space at home to house an altar and ancestral tablet, you can choose to place the plaque in an air-conditioned columbarium in Singapore.
  2. Your family’s busy work schedule leaves you with little time at home to honour a family member who has passed on. 
  3. You may practise a different religion and are unsure of how to honour and worship the ancestral tablet in your home
  4. Relatives and members of the family are able to visit the columbarium and pay respects to the ancestral tablet anytime they want, without having to impose on any one person by visiting their home to do so
  5. Columbariums are well-maintained by funeral contractors and are on a 24-hour security watch. You can have peace of mind knowing the memorial tablets are kept safe and free from unwanted visitors.
  6. There are planned worshipping services in the columbarium/memorial area. 
  7. A dedicated team will ensure the memorial tablet is kept clean and free of damage.


If you’re planning to get an ancestral tablet in Singapore, it’s best to place them where they’ll remain secure. Ancestral tablets carry deep religious significance for families who wish to pay homage to the deceased. 

Whether you need assistance building a shrine at home for your family’s memorial tablets or transferring them to a memorial hall, we can help. Casket Fairprice in Singapore is a funeral parlour that has been providing funeral services for more than 20 years. Let our experienced funeral directors ease your worries. We’re committed to giving you personalised funeral services for Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Roman Catholic, or Freethinker religions. Pay tribute and honour your loved ones with our help. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ancestral Tablets In Singapore

Where Can I Place My Ancestral Tablet?

Ancestral tablets are usually placed at home or in a Taoist/Buddhist temple. It’s customary for families to honour the deceased or their ancestors at home as filial piety. Families also include offerings such as memorial flowers, incense, and the like.

Do I Need To Have An Ancestral Tablet?

Ancestral tablets are used instead of urns in worshipping the deceased. These religious materials are part of traditional Taoist and Buddhist worshipping rituals. You may get an ancestral tablet for a loved one who has passed away if you want to venerate them continually.

What Is A Chinese Ancestral Tablet?

Chinese ancestral tablets are wooden plaques built to honour ancestors. They’re placed in a small shrine at home or in an air-conditioned memorial hall.