Funeral Services, Buddhist Funeral

When a loved one passes away, it is hard to make tough decisions. The choice between burial and cremation is often a deep and personal decision, and it’s not an easy one. Most people will be influenced by religious inclinations, finances, and other factors. However, the deceased’s preferences will often have the most significant influence on the final decision.

As space for burial in Singapore quickly dwindles, more people feel compelled to cremate. Also, cremation has been popularized as an “eco-friendly” option. However, there are also preferences for burial.

Here’re some of these factors for you to consider before coming to a decision.

The differences

For starters, you need to know what are the main differences between burial and cremation.

For cremation, there are 3 crematoria in Singapore – 2 private crematoria and 1 government-managed crematorium. The funeral home will assist to make arrangements for a date and time slot for the cremation. Thereafter, the ashes of the deceased can be stored in a columbarium or at home, or be scattered at sea.

If the deceased is to be buried, you can engage a funeral services company to select a suitable cemetary in Choa Chu Kang Cemetary Complex. After you obtain the CCOD and death certificate, the funeral director will collect the body, embalm it if required, and deliver it to the location of the wake. The funeral director will also assist to arrange the wake and funeral according to the family’s wishes and religious beliefs.

Respect for the deceased’s wishes

As mentioned earlier, a significant factor on whether to bury or cremate is the wishes of the deceased. Honouring these details are vital when paying your last respects to someone. When one outlines the specifics for their funeral, it gives them a sense of control over something that is overwise an uncontrollable situation: death. It will bring peace of mind to do right by them.

Religious inclinations

Different religions have different views surrounding death and the relevant funeral or burial rituals. Be it a Buddhist funeral or a Christian funeral service, a good funeral director in Singapore is able to provide professional advice and assistance for the funeral-planning process and execution for a religious funeral.

Finances (prices stated as of 1st August 2019)

The fees for burial are fixed at $940 for adults, however, the costs vary for cremation. Whereas you will part with $100 to cremate at the government-run Mandai crematorium, cremation fees cost roughly as much as $500 in a private crematorium. Additional expenses are incurred for cremated ashes stored in columbaria niches, which cost from $500 onwards for government columbaria and may run higher for private columbaria.

With a good understanding of the factors above, you can consider the pros and cons of each option. For a burial, the main advantage is that it is accepted by many religions and cultures. However, in Singapore, there is a time limit of 15 years set by the NEA before the remains are exhumed or reburied into smaller plots. On the other hand, cremations are preferred by some because you can hold on to the remains indefinitely especially if stored in an urn at home.

In conclusion, a run through of these factors will help to make a choice. However, it is also important to discuss the options with your family members. You can also seek professional help from an experienced funeral director in Singapore.