Flower Bar

A memorable tribute to the dearly departed.

We provide a live flower bar for friends and families to create personalised farewell bouquets and farewell flowers to pay tribute to the dearly departed. Allow us to help you say your final farewells in a hearfelt and memorable way.

Singapore’s First Funeral Flower Bar Service

Flower Bars are a popular accessory at wedding receptions, parties and corporate events, whereby guests can mingle with one another, create beautiful arrangements and take home their creations. What if we start having them at funerals? How can flower bars be of significance during the funeral process? As part of our ‘In Our Hearts’ memorial service line, our Bloom Bar is an interactive station that allows friends and family of the dearly departed to personalise their send-off flowers and design farewell bouquets on the Funeral day at the wake.
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CF Flower Bar set-up
Bloom Bar set-up at Casket Fairprice Parlour
When faced with the loss of a loved one, some may experience feelings of remorse or regret, thinking about the words they could have said or things they could have done differently. During the final journey, friends and family members may feel a strong desire to say final words of farewell or do something for their beloved to express their love and gratitude for them.
We understand that grief is complex and everyone’s experience is unique. The Bloom Bar is designed to create opportunities for loved ones to show love and appreciation for the dearly departed and honour their memory in a heartfelt and solemn manner. Honouring and remembering experiences and memories shared with the departed can bring comfort and peace to the bereaved and we hope to encourage the practice of celebrating the legacy of departed loved ones.

Setting up the Bloom Bar

Once we receive a request for the Bloom Bar, our florists will make a trip down to the nursery to pick out the freshest blooms before the funeral day. 
After choosing the blooms, they will head back to the studio to condition the flowers, ensuring that all stalks are dethorn and ready to go. On the funeral day, our team will set up our Bloom Bar station at the wake location, each station displays a selection of flowers and foliages*, note cards and pens and also a guide on how to get started.
Guests will first be invited to pen down their thoughts and words of good wishes for the dearly departed. The writing process helps loved ones to cope with bereavement by expressing their emotions, as they recount the life of their loved one. The notes add a personal touch to the flowers, creating an intimate experience as loved ones spend their final moments with the departed. 

Next, guests can then pick out a stalk of their preferred send-off flower and hand them over to our team to arrange and tie the note together.  The family of the dearly departed will be able to design farewell bouquets, a choice of 3 – 5 flowers and leaves, along with their personalised note.

What words cannot express, flowers can.

The beauty in the act of choosing the flowers, arranging them, and writing a heartfelt note, is hard to replicate in just words and writing alone.  At Casket Fairprice, we hope to bring comfort and support through our flower bar service, providing friends and family with a chance to give their final farewells in an unforgettable and heartwarming way.  Check out our other memorial services here.  *Choices of flowers and foliage are fixed.