Planning funeral services for the passing of a loved one is never a simple affair. Family members want to ensure the remains of their dearly departed are in a respectable final resting place. 

Part of this affair is choosing the right columbarium by which they can still honour their loved ones who have passed away.

Columbarium niches are specifically built to house urns which contain the deceased’s cremated ashes or remains. 

If you and your family are planning to choose a columbarium niche, here are a few things to consider carefully.

1. Burial Or Cremation

Burial Or Cremation

Families may choose to conduct burial or cremation for their departed loved ones. If cremation is chosen, family members will have to decide on how they would like to store the ashes. 

A common option would be storing the ashes and urn in a columbarium. In choosing a columbarium, families can choose to visit the columbarium at any time, whether it be the death anniversary of their loved one, or when they’re simply missing them.  

2. Design Of The Columbarium Niche

Since a columbarium will serve as a sacred final resting place, its design is a crucial element. Family members tend to be particular about the location, as it must be as comfortable as possible.

Many modern columbariums sport a fusion of modern and traditional or religious designs families can choose from. 

For instance, they can select a columbarium which includes a small Buddha statue surrounded by matching adornments such as bamboo, a small waterfall installation, etc.

A columbarium in Singapore may also be designed with an auspicious Feng Shui layout, ensuring the deceased’s spirit transitions peacefully into the next life. Some columbaria may be more minimalist, without any religious artefacts or implements.

In choosing a columbarium, consider your family’s religious beliefs and traditions. Pick a design appropriate and befitting of your loved one’s cremated remains.

3. Lease Term

Family members must also consider the lease period when choosing a columbarium.

Typically, four lease periods are available: 30, 40, 99 years, or a permanent lease. The lease length will depend on two factors: the columbarium’s land lease period or the internment of the funerary urns.

There’s no right or wrong answer in choosing a lease period. Families may pick shorter or longer terms as it matches their preferences. 

What matters is that they’re able to properly revere their ancestors in accordance with filial piety.

4. Feng Shui (If Applicable)

Feng shui is the arrangement of buildings, items, and structures within a living space to create a balanced environment harmonious with the natural world.

The arrangement of objects plays a significant role in Feng Shui. Depending on individual beliefs, followers believe that a columbarium’s arrangement influences the peaceful transition of the deceased into the afterlife. 

It’s also common for families to decorate or rearrange the columbarium niche’s interiors to remain comfortable for the departed.

5. Price

Price of choosing the right columbarium

Another factor is the price of a columbarium in Singapore. The cost of leasing a columbarium niche will often depend on the “levels”. 

The level structured at eye level would usually be the most costly. Thus, you should choose the niche level depending on your preferences and budget.

Conclusion About Choosing A Columbarium In Singapore

Whatever your family’s preference, handling such matters without assistance can be overwhelming and confusing. 

However, our team at Casket Fairprice promises to make this affair as hassle-free as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A Columbarium In Singapore

What Is The Best Urn For A Columbarium?

Stone and marble cremation urns are the best options for a columbarium. These materials are hardy and will last for several decades, making them an appropriate choice.

What Is A Spot In A Columbarium Called?

Each spot in a columbarium is called a niche. These are the slots where urns are stored. They come in various sizes but generally hold one urn at a time.

Can Catholics Store Their Ashes In A Columbarium?

Cremation is a widely accepted practice among Catholics, and cremated remains may be stored in the government columbariums or the columbariums of your respective churches (if available).

Can I Keep Ashes At Home In Singapore?

Yes. After the remains have been cremated, the family may choose to store the ashes at home or in a columbarium niche. There are many available private columbaria in Singapore as well as government-mandated ones.