Christian Funeral Packages/Services In Singapore

Casket Fairprice provides professional and transparent Christian funeral packages/services in Singapore. As a one-stop funeral service provider, our professional funeral director and undertaker team will assist you with all the help you’ll require to carry out a dignified Christian funeral ceremony in Singapore. This includes preparing the casket, conducting the embalming and encoffining processes, and preparing the venue (Parlour memorial hall or void deck) for the ceremony.

Having served thousands of families since 1993, we understand that each family has its own unique needs and expectations. As such, to the best of our abilities, our team at Casket Fairprice will work with the pastor and church to provide a personalised Christian funeral service for each family.

Find out more about our Christian funeral packages below.

For immediate assistance, please contact our 24-hr hotline at +65 6455 9909.

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3 Days
$5,288 Nett

4 Days
$5,588 Nett

5 Days
$5,888 Nett

6 Days
$6,188 Nett

(Prices for Casket Fairprice Funeral Parlour)

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Prices are inclusive of GST

Christian Funeral Package Singapore
Christian Funeral Service Singapore

Manpower Services

1. Professional Funeral Operations Service Team

  • Collect deceased from hospital or home
  • Transport to our office for embalming 
  • Send deceased and casket to place of wake 
  • Professional service team on funeral day


2. 24/7 Customer Service Support


3. Administrative support

  • Application of booking to cremate/bury
  • Booking of cremation slot
  • Creating e-obituaries


4. Professional Embalming, dressing and makeup

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

5. Basic Casket (Model: E04 | Half-glass)


6. Christian Funeral Decoration


7a. Standard Tentage (For Void Deck package)

  • Void Deck Enclosure (1 unit)
  • Round Tables (10 units) and square tables (15 units)
  • Chairs (100 units)
  • Standing fans (4 units)
  • Curtain & carpet in casket area
  • General Lightings


7b. 24/7 Memorial Hall (For Funeral Parlour Package)


8. Mobile Toilet (For Void Deck Package)


9. Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photo with 10″ x 12″ wooden frame
  • Passport sized photo (6 pcs)

10. Floral Arrangements

  • Floral photo wreath (1 unit)
  • Small floral arrangement – reception (1 unit)
  • Small table arrangement – guest tables


11. Condolence book and safe box




Funeral Procession Service

12. Air-conditioned Bus – 45 seater (1 unit)


13. Funeral Hearse


14. Ash Collection Service

  • Excluding in-land ash scattering at Garden of Peace



Why Choose Casket Fairprice’s Christian Funeral Packages/Services In Singapore

Compassionate And Personalised Care

At Casket Fairprice, we understand that the loss of a loved one is a profoundly personal and emotional experience. We deliver our Christian funeral packages and services in Singapore with the utmost compassion and personalised care.

We listen to your needs, honouring your loved one’s unique life story. Our dedicated team of Christian funeral advisors offer support and understanding, ensuring that every aspect of the funeral reflects your family’s wishes and the cherished memories of your dearly departed.

Christian Funeral Packages And Services Tailored To Each Client

Recognising that every individual is unique, our Christian funeral packages in Singapore are highly customisable. We believe in providing services that are not only respectful but also personally meaningful.

Whether it’s a specific hymn, a particular scripture reading, or a unique floral arrangement, we aim to tailor every aspect of the preparation and service to your preferences, ensuring the service is a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Cultural Sensitivity And Respect

Cultural sensitivity is of paramount importance in such a diverse Singapore. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of Christian traditions and practices.

We approach every service with the highest level of respect and understanding, ensuring that all Christian funeral services in Singapore we handle are conducted with dignity and following your cultural and religious needs.

Comprehensive Christian Funeral Packages/Services In Singapore

Casket Fairprice offers comprehensive Christian funeral packages in Singapore, covering all aspects of the funeral process.

From the preparation and initial planning stages to the last funeral rites, our services include securing a venue, arranging the wake and managing logistical details. We strive to relieve you of the burden during this challenging time, allowing you to mourn and likewise celebrate the life of your loved one peacefully and respectfully.

Whether it’s a specific hymn, a particular scripture reading, or a unique floral arrangement, we aim to tailor every aspect of the preparation and service to your preferences, ensuring the service is a fitting tribute to your loved one.


We believe in our role to plan and execute the funeral to the best of our capabilities and make the funeral more meaningful in any way possible. Each and every funeral is personalised and catered differently to meet the unique needs and expectations of every family. We aim to facilitate this journey in expressing your final acts of love and send your dearly departed ones off honourably.

Detailed funeral arrangements and plans can also be made in consultation with your pastor and Church. This can help you to include special requests such as specific hymns or prayers to be said, reading of specific bible verses and a eulogy spoken in remembrance of the dearly departed one. This helps to make the funeral more personal and meaningful for the family.

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At Casket Fairprice, our Christian Funeral package in Singapore will assist in giving bereaved families all the help required in carrying out a dignified Christian funeral ceremony.

It contains all the key essentials needed in every stage of a Christian Funeral Service including:
1. Casket
2. Encoffining & embalming service
3. Preparation of memorial ceremony in funeral parlours/HDB void decks

We understand how stressful and cumbersome it can be during times of grief to prepare and deliver a proper serene and solemn funeral. You can put your trust in us to lift this burden off your shoulder and let us help you through this difficult time. Our professional funeral director and undertaker team is committed to guide you through the aspects of the funeral and help you make informed decisions with the utmost professionalism, respect and care. With years of our invaluable experience and knowledge, you can honour your deceased loved one as you wish.

Competitive Christian Funeral Package Prices In Singapore

Our Christian funeral package is available for funeral parlour and HDB void deck in Singapore, for a period of 2 to 5 days. We offer competitive pricing at nett prices so you can carry out your funeral proceedings at a reasonable rate. The package can also be customised and personalised to your needs – feel free to discuss with us if there are items that need to be included or omitted. We can certainly work something out that fits your requirement.


We Have Provided Dignified Christian Funeral Services In Singapore To Satisfied Clients

This is the second time that I used Casket Fairprice for their services. 3 years ago, Ming Liang, our Funeral advisor, had been a great help for taking care of my mum’s funeral. His professionalism and extensive experience in coordinating all aspects of my mum’s funeral had impressed us. Hence, I recommended him to my husband and in laws for handling my father in law funeral. I called him in the wee morning and he turned up shortly after to attend to us. He patiently explained to us the various packages clearly and systematically. Thank you Ming Liang and his team for taking care of all the details of the funeral. His presence is very reassuring and I knew everything is well taken care off.

Rowena Quek

Dear Roger, thank you for your time, presence and support towards my dad’s final journey! You have been responsive on all the questions that the family had and guided us along the way. We are extremely happy with the Ang Mo Band, Ash Collection, Sea Burial arrangements and the elegant setup @ the wake.

Once again, thanks for the great memory which the Fairprice casket team had created. 🥺🙏

Florence Gwee

Heartfelt thanks to Yuru, Vivien and the team at Casket Fairprice for their outstanding service. From the initial consultation to the execution of the funeral, their support was invaluable. Transparent pricing, a simplified ritual process, and a genuinely caring approach made a challenging time more bearable. Highly recommend their services. Thank you again.

Sze Mize

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Christian Funeral Packages/Services In Singapore

What Is The Order Of A Christian Funeral Service?

A Christian funeral ceremony in Singapore usually consists of a musical prelude, scriptures reading, prayers, an obituary reading, musical selections, acknowledgements and a eulogy. You can trust Casket Fairprice to make thorough arrangements and give you peace of mind.

How Much Is A Christian Funeral In Singapore?

A Christian funeral package in Singapore starts at about $4500 and may be higher depending on the venue, procession period and orders for additional items

What Can I Expect At A Christian Funeral?

Besides the religious parts of the funeral, you can expect the family or friends of from the deceased to read stories about the memory they had together. Some may even prepare poems to bid their respect for the deceased.

  • Religion for the funeral
  • Location and number of days for the wake
  • Which burial grounds or crematorium to use (*this information will be needed when registering the death)
  • The clothing to be worn for your departed loved one’s final journey
  • Photo to be enlarged
Can I Personalise The Service To Fit My Family Tradition?

Get in touch with our team to get the funeral service that suits your family tradition. You can personalise the funeral service, by adding or omitting some aspects from our package. As the family should be our priority during mourning time.

What Are The Steps In Planning A Christian Funeral Service In Singapore?

Here are the steps in planning a Christian funeral service in Singapore:

  • The family will immediately call a funeral service provider 
  • The family will proceed with choosing a funeral service provider specialising in Christian funerals. They will discuss which package is appropriate and finalise details regarding preferences and budget.
  • Once that’s done, the family will prepare and submit the proper documents to the funeral service provider to obtain permits for the funeral or cremation.
  • Specific funeral details such as venue, order of service, eulogies, hymns and readings will be planned out.
  • The family should reach out to their Church to inform them about the funeral details. The Church will arrange for a pastor to lead the memorial service at the wake.
  • The family may also seek assistance from the Christian funeral service provider to organise the wake and determine which rituals and customs should be included.

The final funeral service will be coordinated at the cremation site.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Arrange A Christian Funeral Service In Singapore?

Preparations and arrangements for a Christian funeral service in Singapore are typically completed within 3 to 7 days.

What Documents Are Required For Arranging Christian Funeral Services In Singapore?

To arrange Christian funeral services in Singapore, you will need to secure the deceased’s NRIC or passport, a death certificate issued by an accredited hospital or licensed doctor and any pre-planned funeral arrangement documents from the funeral provider, if it applies.

Additionally, certain permits for burial or cremation from the National Environment Agency (NEA) are required. You may also need to provide documentation related to the deceased’s place of burial or cremation, such as a booking confirmation for a burial plot or a cremation slot.

Why Should I Choose Casket Fairprice As My Christian Funeral Service Provider In Singapore?

Choosing our team of Christian funeral service providers in Singapore means you’re entrusting a crucial part of the farewell journey to a compassionate and professional company. We ensure all our services are rooted in tradition and/or preference. 

Casket Fairprice is a CaseTrust-accredited funeral provider, assuring you of transparent and fair practices. Our team is committed to supporting your family throughout this difficult time, providing guidance and assistance in every aspect of the funeral planning.