If you’re facing the loss of a loved one, you will struggle with many questions. Choosing between Cremation or burial in Singapore, you will likely have to ask, which funeral services are right for my family? How much will the funeral expenses be? What will happen during the funeral process? Do they cater cremation services? How can I ensure this ceremony honours their lives and comforts our family and friends?


To help answer these questions, we’ve written this article that explores the key differences between these two funeral options, delves into the costs associated with each, and ultimately helps you make an informed decision about affordable funeral solutions within your budget.

1. The Difference Between Cremation And Burial

After the funeral service is over, the deceased’s body can be laid to rest in one of two distinct ways: either by Cremation or Burial:


In a traditional burial, the deceased’s body is carefully placed in a casket. The final resting place for the coffin is typically Choa Chu Kang Cemetery, which is the only remaining cemetery in Singapore. This method provides a sense of continuity with traditional customs and allows for a physical location where family and friends can pay their respects.


During a cremation, the body  is burned, and the ashes are left behind. These ashes are then put inside an urn. Families have various choices for the urn’s disposition, including placement in a columbarium, temple, church, or even at home. Some may opt to scatter the ashes at sea or on land, in accordance with their loved one’s wishes.

In both the cremation and burial processes, you will have to pay for the coffin, the transportation of the body, and the wake that follows the funeral, should you plan to have one. However, you will need to account for the expenditures of the urn and the columbarium if you prefer cremation. These additional expenses can vary widely depending on your choices and location.

2. Important Factors That Should Be Taken Into Account Before Either A Burial Or Cremation

That said, understanding the basics of each funeral service can help you make an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown of the process and cost of cremation vs burial services in Singapore.

flowers for burial

Burial Costs

In Singapore, only Choa Chu Kang Cemetery accepts new graves. It’s essential to note that all burials here must undergo reinterment or exhumation after 15 years. Exhumations and placement in columbarium niches occur after this time. 

Those whose faiths ban Cremation may have their remains interred in smaller, individual plots. The burial plot must be reserved and paid for at the booking office before the funeral.

Bookings for burial can be made in person at the service counters or over the phone. Below are the details for the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery:

Address: 910 Choa Chu Kang Road, Singapore 699819
Telephone: 6795 9731 Fax: 6795 0885
Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Booking Office

Important paperwork to have on hand before the funeral:

  • Certificate of Death in Digital Format
  • Burial Authorisation Document
  • There must be documentation showing the applicant’s and their family’s identities for the burial to be granted (or if the applicant is not next-of-kin, a letter of authorisation is required)

Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is the sole place to be laid to rest in Singapore, and plots there cost $315 for Muslims, Jews, Parsis, and Bahais. If you belong to a religion not mentioned, all other cemetery sites will set you back $940.

Cremation Costs

There are three crematoriums in Singapore, two owned privately and one operated by the government. It’s important to note that pre-arrangement and payment are required for cremation services.

Government-Owned Mandai Crematorium

Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex (Government-owned)

  • Address: 300 Mandai Road, Singapore 779393 
  • Tel: 655 45 655 
  • Fax: 6459 5228

Cremation Cost: 

  • Child – $50
  • Adult – $100

Additional niche: 

  • $500 – Standard Niche 
  • $900 – Family Niche

Private Crematoria

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

  • Address: 88 Bright Hill Drive 
  • Tel: 6453 4046
  • Fax: 6459 2258

Tse Toh Aum Temple

  • Address: 601 Sin Ming Drive
  • Tel: 6454 7666

Cremation Cost: $324 – $535

Note: Prices of urn storage may differ. Please check with the relevant parties for accurate pricing.

Ash Management

After the cremation process, many families face decisions on managing the ashes, ensuring a dignified and heartfelt farewell. Here are various options for ash management, each offering a unique way to pay tribute to your loved one:

Columbarium Niches

Families can store cremated ashes can be stored in columbarium niches. The documents required are:

  • Original death certificate
  • Proof of identity of next-of-kin
  • If the applicant is not next-of-kin, a letter of authorisation is required

Ash Scattering 

Cremated ashes can also find their final resting place, whether on land or at sea, offering alternative options for those who prefer these methods:

Land Burial

The Garden of Peace in Choa Chu Kang Cemetery is available for inland ash scattering at $320. It’s easy to reserve a spot at either the Chua Chu Kang Cemetery or Mandai Crematorium; you only need to make a reservation over the phone or online.

Sea Burial

The price range for sea burial is $328, providing a memorable farewell on the open waters.

For sea burial, you will need to rent a boat and take it to a site located near south of Pulau Semakau where ashes can be scattered between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. MPA’s Port Marine Safety Control Centre may be reached at (6325 2488) for further information.

Alternatively, our team at Casket Fairprice can also help to arrange for sea burial requests and assist you through the process.

3. Respect Your Loved One’s Last Requests

When choosing between burial and cremation, one of the most profound influences on your decision is the last wishes of your departed loved one. Your deceased loved one may have strongly preferred burial or scattering their ashes at sea, maybe due to religious or personal preference.

Understanding your loved one’s values and desires can make this decision-making process more manageable, as it allows you to align your choices with their intentions and wishes.

4. Consult A Funeral Director To Make Arrangements For Either Cremation Or Burial Of The Deceased.

Talk to an experienced funeral director about arranging a burial or cremation. If you’d like things to go more smoothly no matter which route you take, consulting a funeral director is a good idea.

Our staff of skilled funeral directors is equipped to handle all aspects of the funeral, from ensuring a seamless ceremony to making any additional preparations that may be necessary.

Conclusion About Cremation Or Burial In Singapore

In the end, choosing a funeral is about more than just logistics. It’s a personal decision that reflects how you want to say goodbye, whether that means cremation or burial. 

Before you make any decisions, it’s important to consider your departed loved one’s wishes, cultural and religious beliefs, and, of course, your budget. Whether you decide on cremation or burial, the most important thing is to provide a dignified and heartfelt farewell to your loved one..

Contact us to learn more about our funeral services. Casket Fairprice in Singapore is a funeral parlour helping families provide dignified farewells for their loved ones for more than three decades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Or Burial In Singapore

Is It Okay To Keep The Cremated Ashes In Singapore?

The family can keep the ashes in a sealed urn. A funeral director can assist you in this matter whether you want to keep the urn in a shrine or at home.

What Happens To The Coffin After The Body Is Cremated?

The body and the coffin will be cremated together.The funeral process for cremation can be explained thoroughly by your funeral director as they cater for your different needs.

Are We Allowed To Scatter Ashes In Singapore?

Beyond the present options of preserving cremated remains in columbarium niches, storing them at home, or scattering them at sea, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has introduced Inland Ash Scattering (IAS) as an alternative option for the management of cremated remains in Singapore.

Are There Different Funeral Services For Different Religions?

Choose a funeral service provider that offers different funeral packages for different religions. Funeral directors will guide you through and are experts at every step you take as your deceased loved ones deserve the best for their funeral.

Why Do We Bury The Dead Instead Of Cremate?

Burial has been a prevalent practice throughout history for various reasons, including cultural and religious beliefs. However, cremation is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative, challenging traditional burial practices.