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When a person passes on, it is understandable that the bereaved family will want the body to be treated with the highest regard. Funeral homes and services know and respect this, that is why it is in their best interest to make sure that the body of your deceased loved one is prepared reverently and according to your religious belief. 

Some people may not wish to know what goes into the body’s preparation before viewing because they prefer to see the end result. However, there are some who take comfort in knowing how the entire process is done. If you wish to take a glimpse of how a mortician prepares a body for viewing, read on.

What is embalming?

Embalming is the technical term for the process of preparing the body for viewing. This process essentially removes the body’s remaining fluids to preserve it for up to a week or more. Most funeral homes would require a body to be embalmed if the family wishes to hold a viewing or wake.

Is embalming the body important?

The short answer is yes. This is because arranging a funeral service takes time with the necessary paperwork that needs to be processed. Unfortunately, the decomposition process happens almost instantly after the heart stops beating. As such, embalming helps preserve the body and buys the bereaved family some time to arrange the funeral. 

Apart from slowing down the body’s decomposition, it also helps in restoring the appearance of the deceased so that the body is more suitable for viewing.

How is the embalming process done?

Without going too much into the details, the mortician or embalmer would usually start the process by identifying the details of the body – jewellery, cuts, tattoos, bruises, discolouration, and others. After which, the embalmer would then clean the body from the head to the feet so that it is ready for the embalming process.

Once the body has been cleaned, it is placed in the same position as to how it would be inside the casket. This is done in the beginning stages because the body will naturally stay firm and hold its position as the embalming process progresses.

The embalmer then drains out the deceased’s remaining bodily fluids, and in its place, formalin is injected into the main arteries. Formalin helps to ensure that the body is preserved well enough for the funeral service. During this stage, the face would then be prepared to appear as if the deceased is in a deep sleep. 

Usually, family members of the deceased are the ones who will be deciding on the body’s garments. Depending on their preference, they will either purchase new clothes or use clothes that come with sentimental value. Funeral directors help the family decide on this, but the bereaved family makes the call on how the deceased will be dressed. Once the body is all ready for viewing, it will be carefully placed in the casket. 


A lot goes into planning a funeral, and the same goes with preparing the body for it. The preparation of the body is important in offering those grieving a last look at the body, and above all, aid in the grieving process.

If you require help with the embalming process or other aspects of preparing a dignified funeral for your loved one, seek our passionate team of funeral directors and undertakers. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, let us help you navigate the administrative aspects while you focus on grieving at your own pace.