Exhumation or disinterment is the process of unearthing buried human remains from the earth. In Singapore, an exhumation may be done following revised laws on burial grounds. The New Burial Policy introduced in 1998 states that a burial ground remains valid only for up to 15 years. This directive aimed to solve the land scarcity problem in Singapore. After the 15 years have passed, the graves will be exhumed. The deceased’s family will have to choose between cremation or internment. Their choice depends on their religious beliefs.

Thousands of graves were recently exhumed at Singapore’s Choa Chu Kang Cemetery. Plans for the mass exhumation programme were released in 2017 to make way for further land development. The Government hoped to reallocate the lands for an airbase expansion. This project would have occupied the burial sites for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and other Chinese clans. 

If you need the grave of a family member or loved one exhumed, you could claim the remains through the NEA (National Environment Agency) website.

Casket Fairprice’s Exhumation Services In Singapore

Casket Fairprice is a funeral company in Singapore providing a range of funeral services for families and their departed loved ones. The exhumation process can be highly stressful. Working with a trusted contractor, we provide exhumation services that can help make this task less daunting for your family. 

We can assist in the exhumation process by helping you find a monk or priest to officiate the disinterment. If you want the remains to be cremated or relocated to a private or Government columbarium, we can also extend our transport services. You may set it on a date and time of your choice for private exhumations. You can also witness the entire procedure and recover what’s left from the burial. 

Casket Fairprice offers a wide selection of marble urns to relocate your loved ones to their final place of rest. Choose from a wide selection of urns to help keep your loved one’s ashes safe and intact. 

What Happens During An Exhumation Service In Singapore?

  • Step 1: After NEA has approved the grave exhumation, a funeral service provider begins the groundbreaking ceremony. The ritual depends on the religious traditions and beliefs of the departed’s family. 
  • Step 2: Family members and close relatives will gather and join the prayer ritual (if any), which usually starts after sunset. After the exhumation and packing of remains, the site will be cleared and the emptied tomb area filled with new soil.
  • Step 3: Our team will transfer the remains for cremation. We will help pick the bones and collect the ashes. Families may include religious materials and other items required for the cremation. The funeral service staff will transfer the ashes inside the urn. Then, they will bring it to the family’s choice of a columbarium. 
  • Step 4: To mark a peaceful relocation to the departed’s new home, a chanting master will conduct the final rites (if needed). The exhumation, cremation, and internment process end here.


For a smooth-sailing exhumation in Singapore, families need to seek the help of experienced funeral directors. Casket Fairpace is a one-stop funeral parlour and funeral services company in Singapore, helping families deal with the aftermath of losing a loved one. We can make the process simpler, whether it’s for exhumation, embalming, or cremation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Exhumations In Singapore

Can You Move A Body Once Buried?

Yes. There are several reasons for a family to exhume a body from a cemetery. In Singapore’s New Burial Policy, exhumations are done to make way for land redevelopment. Families may also want to relocate the casket or have it cremated before transferring it to a columbarium.

When Is The Best Time To Exhume A Body?

According to tradition, exhumations are done after sunset, but the time may differ depending on the family’s religious beliefs.

Why Are Caskets Disinterred?

Families may request disinterment to transport the body from a temporary to the final resting place.

How To Get Permission To Exhume A Body?

To facilitate an exhumation in Singapore, you’ll first need to claim the remains through the NEA. It’s best to ask for the help of professional funeral directors to make the process easier.