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A freethinker is a person who does not conform to any religious beliefs. For freethinkers, funeral arrangements may differ from family to family in terms of their set-up and requirements. As they do not have any religious rites or customs to adhere to, they may be more inclined to arrange the funeral in a way that meaningfully reflects on the life of the deceased. Each freethinker funeral ceremony is unique and marks the life once lived. The family can let our funeral directors know how they want the funeral to be carried out.

Although freethinker funerals are usually non-religious in nature, they can accommodate any religious rites that the children of the deceased may like to carry out to express their filial piety. In a multi-religious country like Singapore, it is not uncommon to have many religious beliefs in a single nuclear family. When the deceased passes away without leaving any instructions, the children may wish to hold funeral rites for the deceased according to their own religious beliefs. With a freethinker funeral arrangement, the children can each in their own way express their filial piety according to their beliefs by organising their requested religious rites on different days of the funeral wake and thus satisfying their good intentions for the deceased.  

For any requests or questions, please do consult our funeral advisors, who will strive to ensure that they are met and that the funeral will be a smooth one. Shown below are some photos from freethinker funerals by Casket Fairprice Funeral Services Singapore. For information on our Freethinker Funeral Service Packages, please click here for more details.