Our 10 Step Funeral Process


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Call in to our 24/7 dedicated customer service hotline – Our customer service team is always on hand to answer your questions and to provide guidance for you during the enquiry stage.

Activation Call

Upon your activation call, we will immediately dispatch our next available funeral advisor to your location. We aim to reach you within an hour’s time as we understand that our customers feel especially anxious and lost at this point in time.

Understanding Your Needs

Our funeral advisor will take the time to understand more about you and your family (eg: family size, religion etc), to ensure that they are best able to provide you with informed advice. From death certificate documentation, items to prepare, traditions and customs to adhere to, our funeral advisor will bring you through the process step-by-step. After understanding more about your needs, they will recommend the most suitable package for you.

Collection and Embalming

Our funeral service team will then proceed to the collection site to start the process of retrieving the remains of the loved ones back to our facilities for embalming and or prep. Family members will view the body and give the go-ahead for our team to begin the retrieval process. Our funeral service team will begin to shift the body into our vehicle with care and proceed to our office. Should embalming be requested, it will be done in our well-maintained and sanitised embalming facility. Our in-house embalmers are all licensed and trained in handling most types of situations.

Preparation of Encoffining Ceremony

Our funeral advisors will begin the administrative and logistical arrangements for the funeral. From booking the cremation slot, to arranging the canvas tentage tents, our advisors do the heavy lifting for you. We understand that in times of grief, such tasks may seem extra tedious for our customers. That is why, we handle them all for you, so you can grieve in peace while being there for the people you love. Meanwhile, our logistics team is on the ground setting up the funeral wake. Our logistics assistants know the set-up like the back of their hand and will set-up depending on the religion requested.

Encoffining Ceremony

After setup of the wake venue is completed, the funeral service team will head to the wake location to begin the encoffining ceremony where religious rites and rituals will be carried out. Following that, our advisors will brief family members on things to take note of or any duties to carry out for the next few day(s).

Advisor wake visitation

Midway through the wake, our advisor will drop in at the wake to check in with you and to brief you on the funeral day proceedings.

Funeral Ceremony

On the funeral day, our funeral service team and your religious leaders (if any) will lead you through the funeral ceremony and rituals. This is where guests pay their final respects to the departed if they do not follow the funeral procession to the crematorium or burial grounds. A foot procession send-off will be carried out where family members, relatives and friends will walk behind the hearse for a short distance.

Cremation / Burial

A final service will be held at the service hall and depending on the religion, there might also be a brief religious ceremony. After the final service, we will proceed to the viewing hall, where you will bid a final farewell to your departed loved one.

Ash Collection

As a one-stop funeral service company, our service doesn’t end at the funeral. For cremation cases, we help you with the ash collection and disposition service as well. Whether you wish to conduct a sea burial or have the urn installed at a columbarium, we will be there to help. As an industry leader, we are committed to providing our customers with transparency about our services and process. If you would like to learn more about our services, please call us at our 24/7 hotline 64559909 or drop us an email at care@casketfairprice.com