Are you wondering how much a funeral service costs in Singapore? It’s no secret that living in Singapore can break the bank; its status as a global financial hub naturally drives up prices. While discussing mortality is taboo for many, we are learning that preparing for our funerals in advance helps lighten the weight on our loved ones.

Here’s a guide to help you plan for the financial costs of preparing for a funeral:

How Much Does A Funeral Service Cost?

How Much Does A Funeral Service Cost?

There are different packages and prices for different religions. The entire cost of a funeral in Singapore is mostly dictated by the event’s duration and the deceased’s religion \ the duration of the wake and the types of ceremonial rites and rituals to be included, can affect the total cost of a funeral service.

See below to be guided for Casket Fairprice funeral packages:

1. Buddhist Funeral Package: 

A funeral signifies the start of a new journey within the cycle of life and death. At a funeral, Buddhist families demonstrate their filial piety and affection for the deceased by guiding them into the afterlife.

Buddhist funeral packages at Casket Fairprice are designed to include all parts of a Buddhist funeral to assist bereaved families in planning a dignified funeral for their loved one.

HDB void deck: $5,688 Nett – $6,588 Nett 

  • 2 Days – $5,688 Nett
  • 3 Days – $5,988 Nett
  • 4 Days – $6,288 Nett
  • 5 Days – $6,588 Nett

2. Christian Funeral Package: 

The funeral service includes hymns, prayers, and tributes to the departed as family and friends express their sorrow and loss during a Christian funeral.

At Casket Fairprice, our Christian funeral package consists of preparing the casket, conducting the embalming and encoffining processes, and arranging the venue for the event 

HDB void deck: $4,588 Nett – $5,488 Nett

  • 2 Days – $4,588 Nett
  • 3 Days – $4,888 Nett
  • 4 Days – $5,188 Nett
  • 5 Days – $5,488 Nett

3. Freethinker Funeral Package: 

A Freethinker is someone who does not conform to any particular set of beliefs. It’s possible that funeral customs for freethinkers will vary from one family to the next.

A Freethinker funeral allows children to show their respect for their parents in their own way by holding the religious ceremonies they feel are appropriate on separate days of the funeral wake.

HDB void deck: $4,588 Nett – $5,488 Nett

  • 2 Days – $4,588 Nett
  • 3 Days – $4,888 Nett
  • 4 Days – $5,188 Nett
  • 5 Days – $5,488 Nett

4. Roman Catholic Funeral Package: 

The Roman Catholic Funeral package at Casket Fairprice includes a funeral vigil that is held in a suitable location with family, friends, and a priest. 

A Catholic Funeral Mass will also be practised and the Rite of Committal takes place at the graveside or crematorium. 

HDB void deck: $4,588 Nett – $5,488 Nett

  • 2 Days – $4,588 Nett
  • 3 Days – $4,888 Nett
  • 4 Days – $5,188 Nett
  • 5 Days – $5,488 Nett

5. Soka Funeral Package: 

Casket Fairprice is familiar with Soka funeral customs and the finer points of providing funeral services in a way that allows for a respectful and meaningful memorial service to be held in the deceased person’s honour.

Soka funerals are known for their simplicity and sincerity. To show their respect for the deceased and their loved ones, followers hold simple but heartfelt burial ceremonies.

HDB void deck:: $4,588 Nett – $5,488 Nett

  • 2 Days – $4,588 Nett
  • 3 Days – $4,888 Nett
  • 4 Days – $5,188 Nett
  • 5 Days – $5,488 Nett

6. Taoist Funeral Package: 

At Casket Fairprice, Taoist funerals are extravagant, colourful, and may be customised to meet the specific needs of each family.

Singapore’s primary Chinese dialects — Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hainan, and Hakka—have different Taoist funeral practices but our funeral directors are well-versed with different rituals so we can accommodate you better.

HDB void deck:  $8,388 Nett – $9,288 Nett

  • 2 Days – $8,388 Nett
  • 3 Days – $8,688 Nett
  • 4 Days – $8,988 Nett
  • 5 Days – $9,288 Nett

Additional: $600 if using Hakka Priest 

Other Funeral Costs To Take Note On:


There are three crematoriums in Singapore, two owned privately and one operated by the government. Pre-arrangement and payment are required for cremation services.

Mandai Government Crematorium

  • Cremation Fee – $100
  • Cremation Fee – Child below ten years – $50
  • The above fees are payable to the National Environment Agency.

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery – Crematorium & Columbarium

  • Cremation Fee only – $324
  • Urn & Ash Storage at Monastery’s Columbarium – from $1,600.
  • The above fees are payable to the Monastery.

For more details, please contact the Monastery directly.

Tse Toh Aum Temple – Crematorium & Columbarium

  • Cremation Fee only – $433
  • The above fees are payable to the Temple

Note: Prices of urn storage may differ. Please check with the relevant parties for accurate pricing. 

Columbarium Niches

Cremated ashes can be stored in columbarium niches. The following documents are required:

  • Original death certificate
  • Proof of identity of next-of-kin
  • If the applicant is not next-of-kin, a letter of authorisation is required

Ash Scattering 

If you prefer to scatter the ashes of a loved one in the ocean or on land, you may do it in the following  ways: 

Land Burial – Garden of Peace 

Inland scattering – $320.

Inland scattering, introduced by the National Environment Agency (NEA) can be held at The Garden of Peace in Choa Chu Kang Cemetery. You can book a session for inland ash scattering online via the NEA ePortal. Alternatively, the service team at Casket Fairprice is also able to assist you in the booking process.

Sea Burial

Sea Burial price – $328

If your deceased loved one wishes to have his/her ashes scattered and commemorate their death in a sea burial, you may contact the Port Marine Safety Control Centre at 6325 2488 for more details.

You may choose to scatter the ashes at sea between 7 am and 7 pm at a designated location 2.8 kilometres south of Pulau Semakau. 

Other Considerations For Funeral Services In Singapore

1. Choosing The Right Funeral Homes

If you’ve found the right funeral home, contact the funeral director. The funeral director will discuss with you the funeral arrangements.

Information such as:

Having these matters settled before your death can reduce the emotional strain on your loved ones. When a loved one passes away, family members must deal with their grief while also making funeral arrangements for the burial.

In addition, you should decide on the funeral photo portrait, who will take the photo, and what you will wear.

2. Factors To Consider When Choosing A Funeral Service

When choosing a funeral service, keep in mind that the funeral directors will discuss with you different funeral packages, funeral expenses, and how you want your funeral to be executed.

Make sure that the funeral director discuss with you the following funeral costs:

You may also read the factors to consider when choosing a funeral option: cremation or burial in Singapore, to guide you thoroughly.

3. Writing A Will

Writing A Will

A will is a legal document specifying who will get your assets after death. These considerations must be taken into account for a will to be legally binding:

  • The will must be reduced to writing.
  • The minimum age for the individual who drafted the will should be 21 years old.
  • The author of the will must sign at the bottom of the document.
  • Two or more witnesses must sign the document to indicate that they have seen the will being signed.
  • The witnesses cannot be testamentary beneficiaries or beneficiaries’ spouses.

It can be difficult to draft a valid will, so we should consider employing a professional, such as an attorney, to handle this task. Depending on the complexity of your will, hiring a lawyer to create it for you would cost between $200 and $500.

4. Talk It Over With Your Immediate Relatives

It is now time for you to openly talk with your family members about liabilities, if any, and your assets.

Here is some important information to note:

  • Inform them of the location of the necessary papers to locate your assets after your death.
  • Determine who in the family will ensure that your desires are followed, including the funeral home.
  • Some create a contact list of those who should be notified of their demise.

Conclusion On The Cost Of Funeral Services In Singapore

Choosing a funeral service that precisely matches your or your loved one’s wishes is a way to show tribute and respect. Contact us for a pre-planning consultation!

Casket Fairprice also offers different services to cater to you or your loved ones’ funeral needs.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Cost Of Funeral Services In Singapore

What Is Typically Included In A Funeral Package?

Depending on the deceased’s religious affiliation, the wishes of the family (including those expressed by the deceased before their death), and local traditions, the funeral package  and its components will look very different.

Can My Family Decide Not To Hold A Wake Before Cremation Or Burial?

Yes, the types of funeral services chosen by families for their deceased loved ones are fully up to their discretion. Some families may choose “direct cremation” or “direct burial,” in which the deceased’s body is cremated or buried immediately after death.

Contact your funeral director to know more.

Is HDB Void Deck More Affordable Than A Funeral Parlour For A Funeral Wake?

Yes. Funeral wakes held on void decks are less expensive than those held in funeral parlours.

However, funeral parlours are typically outfitted with more user-friendly amenities and services than void decks and hence need less setup.

Can I Reserve A Funeral Package At A Funeral Home?

Yes, you can contact us at Casket fairprice for the funeral expenses and packages. 

What Is The Significance Of Funeral Rites?

Funerals are vital to the grieving process because they reaffirm the reality that a loved one has died. A funeral provides a secure and suitable environment for expressing and sharing emotions, allowing for closure It provides family and friends a safe space to pay their last respects and say their final goodbyes.