Funeral Service, Funeral Service Singapore

The death of a loved one already brings a lot of emotional pain and stress to the people close to them. To add on to the difficulty, there is also the matter of dealing with the finances that come with funeral arrangements. Funeral services in Singapore can be a costly affair, therefore it is important to know what drives the cost of the different funeral packages you can choose from. 

When you have a better idea of the different services and costs involved in a funeral, you can customise according to your needs and budget. This is also useful to help in preplanning so you know the different options that are available. Below is a quick rundown of the factors involved in a funeral cost.

1. Venue rental

Most funeral homes offer funeral parlours or memorial halls where you can set up the wake for the funeral service. But it is also common for people to set up the wake in a HDB void decks. Costs may vary depending if you require equipment and tentage for the preparation of the ceremony, and the duration of the funeral.

2. Flower arrangements

Most funeral packages include floral arrangement in their services. These flowers are usually used for photo wreaths, altar table arrangements, cross wreaths, and casket sprays depending on the service chosen.

3. Food or refreshments

It is customary to provide light food and drinks for guests, but it is usually available as an add-on to the funeral package. Otherwise, you may have to reach out to a third-party catering service company.

4. Transportation services

This entails the use of vehicles for transporting both the deceased and the funeral attendees. Usually, this service provides a single air-conditioned bus and a funeral hearse to ensure a smooth funeral procession.

5. Cremation or casket 

The decision as to whether you will be burying or cremating your loved one also affects the funeral costs. In Singapore, the burial fee is at $940 for adults, which can only be done at the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex. For cremation, the fee is $100 for government crematorium and $300-$500 for private crematorium.

6. Headstones or urns

Besides the cost of caskets, you will also need to consider the headstone to mark the final resting place of your loved one. There are numerous types of stones used for grave headstones including granite, marble and sandstone that will fetch different prices.

If you choose cremation, the cost of urns will depend on its material, design and any customisation. Cremated ashes can also be stored in columbaria niches, which vary in costs for government and private locations.


The above-mentioned factors are some of the basic services involved in funeral packages that will determine its costs. The price will also depend on different religious funerals, such as Christian or Buddhist funerals. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea on what to expect when planning your funeral budget and make a more informed decision on your needs.