Moving On: 4 Helpful Tips To Manage The Loss Of A Loved One

Life brings with it its fair share of experiences, both good and bad. But amongst all of those that belong to the latter, losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most painful things we’ll ever experience. Coping with the grief that follows is never easy, no matter how many times we experience it in our lifetime, and moving on is just as difficult, especially when those that pass away mean the world to us.

As challenging as it can be, being stuck in the past is probably not the best. Instead, moving forward is a better direction we can head towards; to press on with life and live it to the fullest. To know how to reach a level of closure most effectively, here are four tips on how you can move on after the passing of someone significant.

1. Let yourself feel your emotions

No one is fond of experiencing the negative feelings that come from the death of a loved one. Thus, it’s natural to want to inhibit or ignore them until they go away. However, taking this course of action can ultimately result in unresolved grief, from which many other complications can arise, such as anxiety, depression, and other health problems. 

To prevent things from taking a turn for the worse down the road, it’s better to face your feelings head-on now and let your emotions out in whichever way you want. While this course of action would not be the easiest, doing so is much healthier for you than bottling up your emotions for years to come.

2. Take care of yourself, no matter what

In the process of dealing with your emotions and the aftermath of the funeral service, taking care of one’s well-being can be easily forgotten as the days come and go. Although the loss can be devastating to your emotional and mental state, you mustn’t forget to take care of yourself and your daily needs.

While it might take some time to adjust back to your usual routine, it’s important to continue to eat right, get enough sleep, exercise as well as reserve some time for self-care. And since finding the will to do them can often prove challenging, don’t hesitate to reach out to your closest friends and family members for support every now and then. All in all, it’s best to figure out how best to keep yourself healthy and find ways to make it happen.

3. “Numb” yourself with positive things

Turning to hobbies that make you happy or keep the overwhelming feelings at bay is one of the best things you can do to accelerate the process of moving on. Whether it’s counselling, dedicating yourself to exercise, or fully investing in a newfound hobby, anything’s acceptable as long as it doesn’t rely on negative activities.

4. Understand that time doesn’t heal all, and that’s okay

Although time can heal many wounds, there might be some that cannot be fully patched up. Nonetheless, that’s still okay, and it can still make the pain you’re experiencing become less intense as the days go by. What would be best is to accept that the loss might not completely go away, and that you try to embrace the new normal and press on forward.


Bidding your final farewell to someone you held dear is never easy, and moving on after it ends is even more difficult. To ease your logistical load, whether you’re looking for a Christian, Taoist, or Buddhist funeral, our dedicated team here at Casket Fairprice is here to provide your loved one with a dignified send-off. We have an extensive range of funeral services to offer you more time to manage your grief as you gradually move on from the loss.