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Flowers are an excellent way to express our sympathy and support for a friend, family or acquaintance who has lost a loved one. You might usually come across funerals in Singapore dotted with flowers. One thing to note is flowers have various symbolic meanings which vary with religions and traditions.

The arrangements differ and can be used to convey specific messages at a funeral or memorial service. Therefore, it is paramount to know how to choose flowers for funerals to impart the right message.

Here’s how you can do that:

Understand symbolic flower meanings

The symbolic meanings of flowers vary with culture and traditions. Some of the most common associations Singaporeans have with flowers are with their colour. In other cases, the type of flower conveys our feelings or represents an aspect of the deceased’s personality.

Here are a few popular flowers and their symbolic meanings:

Carnations and roses often represent remembrance and love. However, carnations are more commonly used to communicate admiration while roses express reverence.

Chrysanthemums and gladiolus represent strength, positivity, and truth, whereas lilies are used to convey innocence.  Lastly, tulips are popularly used to communicate hope and renewal.

Colour-wise, red, purple and white represents strength, love, respect, and admiration.

White is commonly used to add a touch of elegance and reverence. Blue is the most common colour used to express sadness while other colours such as orange, yellow and pink depict enthusiasm, new beginnings, friendships, and grace.

You can choose a combination of these flowers and colours that can help convey your emotions or the personality of the deceased.

Distinguish between funeral and sympathy flowers

If you plan to send flowers to a memorial service or families of the deceased, those are sympathy flowers. However, if you want to send flowers to be used specifically for the funeral or burial ceremony, those are funeral flowers.

Sympathy and funeral flowers vary in colour and arrangement

Sympathy flowers often come in a small bouquet or vase arrangements. They are displayed around the home or service venue in memory of the departed.

Funeral flowers, however, come in large elaborate arrangements, so they are visible from afar during the funeral. They are often only chosen by close family and friends of the deceased.

In most cases, a funeral director in Singapore can guide you when choosing to use for a specific purpose.

Choosing the right flowers and arrangement

There is no specific type of flower that expresses sympathy or representation at a burial ceremony. It needs to be tastefully arranged and neat to be appropriate for expression condolences.

When picking the right arrangement, think about what message you’d like to convey. Arrangements like heart-shaped wreaths are often used during burial ceremonies. Sympathy flowers are usually arranged in small portable bouquets or vases.

You also need to be conscious of the mood. Is it more of a sombre occasion or a celebratory one that remembers the joy and delight the deceased had brought in his lifetime? A mix of vibrant and bright flowers will add a joyful note of remembrance. To express sombreness, use deep colours such as red and purple with conservative arrangements.