Losing a loved one is hard, and funeral services can be instrumental in easing this difficult time; to honour the deceased and help the family members carry on. Making funeral arrangements can be tough on anyone while they’re dealing with grief and loss, thus funeral directors can step in and help you have a sense of order.

Funeral planning can be made easier with the expertise of a funeral director, but there’s also more ways that they are able to help you cope with the emotional upheaval.

Manage every step of your funeral arrangements

Mental health experts say that participating in funeral rituals and traditions can help to comfort the bereaved and they are a vital part of the grieving process. Participating in them can also help to counter the anxiety and fear that often creeps in after the death of a loved one.

Most funeral directors in Singapore are conversant with the final send-off traditions and rituals of various religions and local communities, from Christian to Buddhist funerals. When death occurs, funeral directions play an integral role in your funeral arrangement process, including embalming preparation, transfer of the deceased to the funeral home and casketing. They will help to get you sorted on other funeral and religious supplies such as clothing, incense and urn.

Gain a new perspective on death

For many people, death has always been an uncomfortable topic that is morbid to talk or even think about. From our formative years, we have been nurtured with an unhealthy fear of death. Few people are comfortable with the subject of death and many dissipate the same unhealthy fear to their young ones.

However, funeral directors help us to come to terms with the reality of our mortality and provide an opportunity for communities to come together. It is essential to have people and loved ones close by to share your grief together and perhaps, gain a new perspective on death that we are not promised tomorrow and should embrace each moment.

A personalized farewell

Funeral directors will pay close attention to the families’ wishes and are always on the lookout for various details to add a personal touch to the final farewell. They listen to each family’s unique needs and pick out details like favorite flowers and other personal likings to put together a personalized funeral service.

On top of that, arranging for certain funeral rituals and traditions help restore a sense of order and comfort in giving a dignified goodbye. For example, prayers, readings and sermon are typically done in a Christian funeral for family members to properly grieve for the deceased. All these elements work together to help mourners during their difficult time of loss.

Rely on their expertise

More than the need to advise on funeral costs, arranging for funeral services and catering to personalized requirements, funeral directors can be a guiding pillar for the bereaved. Dealing with death is hard. With their experience and expertise in dealing with death, they also help to handle the emotionally challenging journey of funeral planning and provide guidance to help you say your last goodbye.