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New guidelines have been set in place as of June 2020 for licensed funeral parlours with their own embalming facility. These conditions are geared to improve the existing standards for funeral services in Singapore.

In 2019, there were several reports of embalming jobs that were less than stellar – bodies not appropriately prepared, fluid leakages, to name a few. Complaints regarding unfortunate incidents like these were common because these embalmers lacked formal training and certifications.

Mandate embalming procedures and other preparation processes

As part of the new conditions, embalmers are required to facilitate at least twenty-five embalming procedures to local bodies, all of which should be supervised by another registered embalmer. This is to ensure that all embalmers across Singapore maintain only the highest level of embalming service. Apart from that, they are also mandated to attend basic infection control courses conducted by the NCID or National Centre for Infectious Diseases.

Tighten the gaps and existing protocols

Bereaved families who are planning to cremate the bodies of their deceased loved ones may be plagued with the fear of getting the ashes of another person’s body. Stricter rules are in place to make sure this does not happen.

On top of these new regulations, existing protocols in body handling are reinforced. To see to it that all potential gaps are filled, procedures such as ensuring embalming rooms are securely locked at all times have been taken with higher regard. Funeral parlours are also mandated to restrict the embalming room access to authorised staff and personnel – embalming involves the use of toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, and prolonged exposure to formaldehyde without protective equipment can be fatal.

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), operators of funeral parlours and funeral directors are responsible for proper body identification and following through with management procedures. They are, ultimately, in charge of maintaining a high level of service and accountability for their clients. 

Aim to improve funeral service standards

Sure enough, the notion from the National Environment Agency (NEA) was seconded by the Association of Funeral Directors (AFD). They commented that funeral directors play a crucial role in aiding bereaved families in their mourning journeys. The new guidelines can help those in the profession fulfil their responsibilities more diligently and be more compliant with their code of conduct.


With all of these in consideration, the standards of the Singapore funeral industry should see new heights. Funeral directors and funeral providers would offer bereaved families with an added level of professional standards for an even more dignified send-off.

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