Funeral services are often considered vital after a loved one has passed away. They act as a final send-off to the departed – a way to honour and celebrate their life. However, many people today believe that traditional funeral services are cold. Traditional funerals tend to focus on rituals rather than remembering the departed’s personality. Nonetheless, you can easily customise a funeral service to make it more intimate and add a personal touch.

But planning a funeral isn’t easy. There are many things that you’ll have to consider quickly to get everything set up on time. With that said, here’s a guide to planning a funeral that celebrates the uniqueness of your departed loved one.

Pick a venue

Funeral services in Singapore are often held at home, funeral parlours, churches and other rented locations. If your loved one didn’t have a strong religious affiliation, you could consider a venue that suits their personality. Funeral homes are often a good option as most of them are equipped with sufficient facilities and their personnel are well-versed in handling funeral services. Additionally, try to choose a location that is convenient for family and friends.

Decide on the set up

Once you’ve selected a venue, the next thing you should do is work with a professional funeral company to help you set it up. For instance, if you’re holding a religious funeral for your loved one, you may need to set up an altar table.

One way that you can add a personal touch is through your choice of flowers to decorate the venue. You can opt for flowers that symbolise aspects of your loved one’s personality. For instance, exotic flowers such as birds of paradise or orchids could symbolise his or her love for travel. 

Decide on the duration

Next on your check-off list should be a decision on how long the funeral service should be held. In Singapore, most people hold wakes as part of their loved ones’ funeral services. This gives friends and family of the departed the opportunity to come and pay their last respects before the body is cremated or buried. Typically, a wake is held for anywhere between one to five days. The cost of the funeral service differs depending on its duration as well.

Craft an obituary and eulogy

If you’re unsure of where to start when writing an obituary, your funeral service provider can offer you some assistance. After crafting the contents of the obituary, check the cost of publishing it in the local newspaper. You can also post the obituary online. If the price of publishing the obituary exceeds your budget, you can opt to send out copies of the obituary to family and friends instead.

Create a photo or video tribute

A picture is worth a thousand words; a photo or video tribute is a fantastic way to collate special memories of your loved one. Collate about 35 to 50 photos for a pictures-only tribute. However, if you plan on playing a video tribute during the program, keep it to under 15 minutes. The photo or video tribute can be displayed either throughout the funeral service or during the final memorial session.

Let a professional funeral company assist you

Planning a funeral service can be difficult if you’re doing it alone. Whether you’re opting for a traditional or more personalised funeral, be sure to engage with a professional funeral company that can assist in the planning and logistics of a final send-off to your loved one.

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