Funeral & Religious Supplies

Casket Fairprice offers a comprehensive range of essential funeral & religious supplies to cater to different funeral needs, honouring traditions and providing comfort in times of grief and remembrance. 

Explore our gallery of funeral & religious accessories.


Our selection of exquisitely crafted urns provides a dignified and cherished resting place for your loved one.

Choose from various shapes, sizes and designs for the perfect vessel.

 Flower Arrangement

In collaboration with our trusted florist partner, Petal Elements, every flower arrangement is meticulously designed with the utmost dedication.

Our thoughtfully crafted arrangements are timeless and serve as graceful tributes to cherish and honour the memory of loved ones.

 Deceased Clothing

Dignity in every thread.

Our selection of clothing options ensures respectful and comforting attire for a dignified and peaceful farewell.

 Paper Products

Explore our range of paper product offerings for various ceremonial needs.

We offer traditional paper offerings including paper houses, joss papers, and paper cars.



Casket Fairprice offers dignified burial services. In Singapore, land burial plots are available at Lim Chu Kang Cemetery.

Our dedicated team of professionals are here to guide you through the process of land burials, ensuring a seamless experience during this challenging time.

 Night Service

Our night service crew are here to provide an extra set of hands during busy nights.

Be rest assured that your guests are well taken care of as you focus on honouring the memory of your loved one.

 Buffet Catering

Our Catering services are kindly provided by Kian Seng Culinary.

Show appreciation to friends and family with a Buffet Catering reception during the funeral wake. Choose from a variety of catering options and packages that suit your preferences.

 Funeral Photography &   Videography

Capture endearing and authentic moments of unity and support during this time.

Our trusted photography and videography partner, Singapore Funeral Pictures, specializes in funeral and memorial photos and videos.

 Live Band

Casket Fairprice works with various cultural organisations and association groups to provide live band performances such as Gong Guan and Siang Theon.

These elaborate performances add a personal touch to the commemoration of your loved one’s life.