Found in every culture and society, funeral rituals have been carried out for thousands of years to commemorate the dead. These ceremonies help communities go through a difficult time and express their sense of loss. Holding funeral services remains to be a meaningful rite of passage.

While it provides a chance to honour the deceased, funerals also help with the needs of the survivors – emotionally, psychological, and also spiritually. Let’s take a closer look at why people still hold funerals.

1. Remembering the deceased 

Planning the funeral service can help bereaved family members and loved ones heal from their grief and loss. If the deceased is religious, holding the service is also an opportunity to honour them respectfully in accordance to the respective religious customs. With the help of funeral directors, they can ensure proper arrangements, such as Buddhist funeral customs, are carried out accordingly.

2. Pay special tribute

It is also a way to pay homage to the deceased’s life and appreciate the positive influence they have had on others. Funerals bring people together and it presents an opportunity for sharing and reflection. Mourners can speak about how grateful they are for having known someone who was dear to them. They can share stories and fond memories of the departed, painting a beautiful picture of their life and provide new layers of remembrance to other mourners.

3. The opportunity for proper closure 

It’s important for the bereaved family members who are grieving the death of a loved one to acknowledge their loss. There are casket services in Singapore that provide split-couch and full-couch caskets to facilitate open-casket viewing of the deceased during a wake or visitation. This enables mourners to say their last goodbyes and feel a sense of closure. Eulogies can be another great way to express how much the deceased is loved and how they will be missed dearly.

4. Acknowledge and heal from the pain of the loss

As you come to terms with the reality of death and accept its finality, you can begin to acknowledge and express the pain of the loss. This is the first step toward healing. Instead of keeping your intense emotions and feelings bottled up, you can grieve openly in a safe and supportive environment. When you are surrounded by family members, relatives and friends, you can feel less alone. This helps you to reconcile grief and ease your emotional burdens. Seeing how much others care can often help one adjust to their loss and support their healing process.

To conclude, funerals are important occasions in life to celebrate and honour the deceased, and at the same time, provide comfort and support for the bereaved family.