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Catholic funeral rites are steeped in customs and rituals that can be traced back many centuries. Roman Catholic funeral services includes holding a Prayer Vigil for their dearly departed loved ones after death, which is akin to a wake or a viewing. The vigil usually last a few days and is followed by the Catholic Funeral Mass at the parish church, and then the Rite of Committal at graveside or the crematorium. It is important for the family to communicate directly with the parish church of the deceased to schedule and arrange these important events, and to keep the funeral home informed of the timing of such arrangements.

In Catholic Funeral Services, the Prayer Vigil is attended by family members, relatives and friends, and take place at a suitable venue. The vigil is usually led by a priest or a deacon, and it is an opportunity for family and friends to come together, console each other, and pray in remembrance. The family may also request to deliver eulogies and tributes at the vigil. Casket Fairprice can help to arrange these occasions at the family’s home, HDB void deck, multi-purpose hall, church parlour, or funeral parlour, depending on your preference.

On the funeral day, the deceased is conveyed to the parish church for the funeral Mass. A Catholic funeral Mass is celebrated by a priest, and includes the Eucharistic Prayer and the giving of Holy Communion. During the funeral Mass, Catholic mourners will proceed to the front and receive the Host, a communion wafer and sip from a chalice of wine. This is an integral part of the Catholic faith, as the bread and wine symbolise the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

In some situations where the parish priest is not available or Mass is restricted on certain days, a funeral liturgy is held instead of a funeral Mass. A funeral liturgy does not include the Holy Communion, because the Holy Communion can only be carried out by an ordained Catholic priest.

After the funeral Mass or funeral liturgy, the deceased is conveyed to the cemetery or crematorium. The Rite of Committal is then carried out at graveside or the service hall of the crematorium, which culminate with the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.

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