Taoist Funeral Packages

At Casket Fairprice, our Taoist funeral services and packages in Singapore have transparent and competitive pricing, and can be tailored to accommodate the unique needs of each family. Our team of funeral undertakers and directors are well-versed in assisting grieving families in delivering a proper Taoist funeral service. We believe in alleviating the stress of the families during this difficult period.

Find out more about what is included in our Taoist funeral packages.

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Our Taoist Funeral Packages

Discover our comprehensive Taoist funeral packages, meticulously curated to respect and honour traditional Taoist rites. Our packages provide various services to meet different needs and preferences, ensuring a dignified farewell for your loved ones. 

By choosing Casket Fairprice, you ensure a respectful and culturally aligned service, tailoring the experience to reflect Taoist funeral customs.


3 Days
$9,388 Nett

4 Days
$9,688 Nett

5 Days
$9,988 Nett

6 Days
$10,288 Nett

(Prices for Casket Fairprice Funeral Parlour)

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Prices are inclusive of GST

Funeral Services Singapore - Taoist Funeral Service - Taoist Funeral Package
Funeral Services Singapore - Taoist Funeral Service - Taoist Funeral Package - Parlour

What Is Included In Our Taoist Funeral Services Package?

Understanding the importance of tradition and respect, our Taoist funeral services are crafted to reflect genuine Taoist rites and customs. 

Our basic Taoist funeral package in Singapore ensures the essential elements are covered, providing peace of mind during these challenging times. Please review the details below to see the comprehensive services included.

Manpower Services

1. Professional Funeral Operations Service Team

  • Collect deceased from hospital or home
  • Transport to our office for embalming 
  • Send deceased and casket to place of wake 
  • Professional service team on funeral day


2. 24/7 Customer Service Support


3. Administrative support

  • Application of booking to cremate/bury
  • Booking of cremation slot
  • Creating e-obituaries


4. Professional Embalming, dressing and makeup

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony

5. Standard Casket (Model: S30 | Half-glass)


6. Taoist Funeral Decoration


7a. Standard Tentage (For Void Deck package)

  • Void Deck Enclosure (1 unit)
  • Round Tables (10 units) and square tables (15 units)
  • Chairs (100 units)
  • Standing fans (4 units)
  • Curtain & carpet in casket area
  • General Lightings


7b. 24/7 Memorial Hall (For Funeral Parlour Package)


8. Mobile Toilet (For Void Deck Package)


9. Photo Enlargement

  • 1 enlarged photo with 10″ x 12″ wooden frame
  • Passport sized photo (6 pcs)


10. Floral Arrangements

  • Floral photo wreath (1 unit)
  • Small floral arrangement – reception (1 unit)
  • Small table arrangement – guest tables


11. Condolence book and safe box



Funeral Procession Service

12. Taoist Priest Chanting Service

  • Add. $600 if using Hakka Priest 


13. 6ft Paper House Package

  • 1x Gold and Silver Mountains 
  • 1x Paper Servants
  • 2x Clothing Chests




14. Funeral Lanterns (1 pair)


15. Air-conditioned Bus (45 Seater)


16. Cleansing Floral Water on Funeral Day



17. Funeral Hearse


18. Ash Collection Service

  • Excluding in-land ash scattering at Garden of Peace



Why Choose Casket Fairprice For Taoist Funerals In Singapore?

Engaging in the services of an experienced funeral director is essential, especially when funeral rites and customs are not often discussed within families or when most are unfamiliar with it.

At Casket Fairprice, we have years of experience in helping families with different religious funeral arrangements in Singapore. Our funeral directors and advisors have expertise with the various beliefs and practices across different schools and sects of Taoism.

We are committed to ensuring the proper organisation of Taoist funeral rites and providing help to bereaved families during this difficult period with utmost compassion and professionalism.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Extremely Professional Service​”

“Hi Edward & team,

Our heartfelt appreciation for the extremely professional service provided for our late father, Lim C K’s funeral. From the first call in the wee hours of the morning, to our queries post funeral, Edward has been very patient and helpful in giving his advices. you guys were a great support during our most difficult time of grief. Thank you!”


“Assuring at Every Step”

“I would like to give feedback about Casket Fairprice’s service to my family during our three day wake at Parlour 3.

First of all, you Vivien, was so gentle on the phone and very very thorough with what the package I wanted provided. The moment I heard your voice, I knew that I would select your company to provide the service, and I was not wrong.

Ms Peggy, also spoke with much sensitivity to my family and I am so touched by that. She was so patient with our questions and was very assuring at every step.

Thank you Vivien and Peggy.”


“Personal Touch”

“Our family would like to thank Casket Fairprice for their efficient and professional services during our mother’s passing recently. Special thanks to Zhang Mingliang for his personal touch with the ash collection and urn filling process. I first saw him at work during a friend’s husband’s funeral and was impressed by his compassion, reverence to the dead and his patience with people. I would recommend your services to others during their times of need.”

Shirley Lam

“​Transparent Pricing”

“Excellent Service. Very personal and caring Funeral Director, Edward and his team. It was a great send off my mother in law. Transparent pricing. Professional company. #功德无量” 

Denise Ng

Guide For A Taoist Funeral Service

Navigating a Taoist funeral service requires understanding its deep-rooted customs and traditions. Our Taoist funeral packages at Casket Fairprice are designed to honour these practices, ensuring a respectful and meaningful service.

Taoism and Death: A Fundamental Understanding

Before we delve into the specifics of Taoist funeral customs and traditions, gaining an insight into the Taoist perception of death is crucial. This foundational knowledge aids in grasping the symbolic and ritualistic elements integral to the service.

Taoists perceive death as a vital phase in the ongoing cycle of life, death, and rebirth, referred to as the Tao process (轮回).

Upon death, the individual embarks on a journey guided by the Heibai Wuchang (黑白无常), two deities who serve as escorts to the afterlife. The journey leads to the ten courts of hell, where the Ox-head and Horse-face (牛头马面) stand guard.

Here, the individual’s life is thoroughly examined, and a judgement is made by the Kings of Hell, weighing the individual’s virtues against their sins.


Taoist Funeral Traditions, Customs, And Beliefs

Taoist funeral services are steeped in rich traditions, with specific customs and beliefs guiding the proceedings.

Central to the ceremony are Taoist priests, who conduct various rites and chants, ensuring the soul’s peaceful transition to the afterlife. They are crucial in navigating the intricate rituals that define a Taoist funeral service.

Ceremonial Altar

A ceremonial altar is set up, adorned with items significant to Taoist beliefs, where family and friends can pay their respects.

Here, offerings of joss paper, symbolic of wealth and prosperity in the afterlife, are burnt as a gesture of goodwill and support for the departed soul.

Funeral Attire

The attire worn at Taoist funerals is also essential, with white being the traditional colour of mourning. It reflects reverence and respect for the deceased. Close family members might don more specific Taoist funeral attire, adhering to traditional customs.

Condolence Money

Condolence money, or ‘pek kim’, is another customary practice where attendees present a white envelope containing a monetary gift to the bereaved family.

This act is a tangible expression of sympathy and support, reinforcing the communal aspect of grieving and remembrance in Taoist tradition.

Through these practices, a Taoist funeral package ensures that all aspects of the service align with Taoism’s profound beliefs and customs, offering a fitting farewell and support for the family during this solemn time.

Helping Families Say Goodbye

At Casket Fairprice, we understand that every funeral is different and unique for each person. Our supportive team takes great pride in offering a professional service with care and sensitivity, especially when family members are confronted with the death of a loved one. We are knowledgeable in funeral planning to deliver you a professionally managed funeral and arrange the best way to send off your loved one. Contact us to learn more about our Taoist funeral package, where you can also talk to our professional staff to understand your funeral needs and solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About Taoist Funeral Packages In Singapore

How Long Does A Taoist Funeral Procession Last?

The whole procession will generally last for an average of three to five days. We welcome personalised Taoist funeral services because each family may have unique traditions. We believe this service will give the family members peace of mind while expressing their final respects.

How Long Is A Taoist Funeral Mourning Period?

This can be varied for each family, depending on the tradition. Generally, the mourning period is 49 days. Within this mourning period, the family may hold a prayer every week.

What Should I Do When My Loved One Passes Away?

Contact us for immediate assistance once the death occurs. Losing a loved one can be stressful and confusing, so let us guide you through the whole funeral process. We will carefully discuss the entire process with the family members to ensure that our service delivers the family’s needs.

What Is The Difference Between A Buddhist And Taoist Funeral?

A Buddhist funeral typically focuses on chanting and meditation to aid the deceased’s transition to the next life. In contrast, a Taoist funeral involves elaborate rituals to safeguard the departed from evil spirits and provide a smooth journey to the afterlife. 

Despite some similarities, such as the use of incense and offerings, the specific practices, chants, and rituals are unique to each tradition, reflecting their individual beliefs and values.