Things You Need to Know about Qingming Festival

Qingming Festival, also known as 扫墓 (Sǎo mù) or Tomb Sweeping day is a traditional festival that is usually observed at the beginning of Spring, which takes place in early April. It is a Chinese memorial festival for families and loved ones to come together, clean tombs of their ancestors and commemorate them. 

‘Qingming’ was originally a name for a solar term among 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The different terms indicate the change in seasons and during this time of the year, the weather is most ideal for outings and agricultural production. 


Qingming Festival at Lim Chu Kang Cemetery Singapore

Originated from the Zhou Dynasty, the festival first began when ancient emperors and wealthy officials held grand and elaborate ceremonies in honour of their ancestors. Offerings were given to ancestors in hopes of receiving blessings for the country such as prosperity, peace and abundant harvest. 

While there are many other stories and old tales that tell the history of the festival, the way it is practised today is much simpler. In Singapore, customs have been adapted from early Chinese settlers, but closely follows the way it is celebrated in China. 

Qingming is practised differently in different parts of the world, depending on the various cultures. If you are participating in the festival for the first time, we have prepared an infographic guide for you on what you can expect during Qingming festival in Singapore. Click here to download. 

COVID-19 Measures for Qingming Festival in Singapore

This year, the Qingming festival falls on 5 April 2022, with the visiting period expected to happen between 26 March to 17 April. Due to Covid-19, regulations are implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of attendees of the event. 

If you and your family are participating in the festival, here are some important things to take note: 

  • Extended opening hours for government-managed columbaria (Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, Mandai Columbarium, and Yishun Columbarium)
  • E-appointment bookings are required for those driving to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium or Mandai Columbarium during the Qingming visiting period. 
  • The Garden of Peace will be closed to visitors at weekends and on public holidays during the Qing Ming period
  • Visitors are advised to practise COVID-19 Safe Management Measures


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We hope this article has provided you with meaningful insight and helpful information about the Qingming Festival. Feel free to download our infographic and share with your friends and family.