Funeral Services, Funeral Director Singapore

Non-religious funeral services in Singapore are commonly offered where the deceased had no particular religious inclines and did not practice any specific type of formal religion. But the requirement in saying your last farewell in an honourable way remains the same as the departing of any loved one is still an excruciating experience for the family.

As there are no religious beliefs to adhere to or rites to perform, the funeral typically focuses on the acknowledgment and grieving of loss and a celebration of the loved one’s life. Below are some tips to help you plan for a non-religious funeral in Singapore.

Pick a suitable funeral director 

The funeral director you choose should offer freethinker and non-religious funeral services to help you plan accordingly. It is a challenging time for family members to go through, thus with the right professional services, the funeral planning can be well-coordinated for you and you can be relieved of the stress in planning too.

The funeral can be held in consideration of the deceased’s personality, lifestyle, morals, ethics and family members, so it can be a dignified and solemn funeral service fitting for the dearly departed. At the same time, mourners can express their sadness and offer condolences to the family.

The procedure

Whereas religions have traditions and rituals that are intertwined with the process of funerals, non-religious funerals don’t. In these case, funeral services are more flexible and there’s more room to tweak them according to the person’s wishes.

Nonetheless, it is not uncommon to have similar elements as religious funerals such as eulogies, music and other tributes. However, a free-thinker’s funeral service will not have a reading of scriptures. Instead, they may have inspirational readings. The mourners will also not sing religious hymns, but secular songs. Mourners may observe a reflective moment but not hold prayers.

Since there are no traditions attached to a non-religious funeral, the service will mainly focus on the personality of the deceased and celebrate their lifetime.

Venue for the funeral service

A non-religious funeral service can be held at a neutral place such as HDB void decks and funeral parlours. It can be personalized to reflect the deceased person’s life and personal tastes. You can engage the help of funeral directors to coordinate the memorial service and funeral procession. By enlisting the services of a professional, you can trust that a dignified funeral will be carried out for your loved one.


Since there are no religious dictates, the disposition is guided by the desires of the deceased or the preferences of the family members. Depending on how the deceased would prefer to be laid to rest and the financial implication, a non-religious funeral will be open to any kind of disposition.