Funeral Services, Funeral Director Singapore

When it comes to funeral ceremonies, people don’t actually know a lot about them. In fact, it can come off as a taboo topic in some cultures. Or, for most people, they simply just don’t like talking about it.

But, it’s important to know that there are different ways to celebrate the life and times of the deceased.

Below, you’ll find a quick guide on the different types of ceremonies so you can decide which one you’ll choose for yourself or a loved one that recently passed away.

1. A Funeral Service

Funeral services are meant for celebrating the life of the deceased based on their personal beliefs and it usually takes place after a few days of the death at a funeral parlour, the HDB void deck, or the home of the deceased.

Anyone can come and pay their respects to the deceased and their family, with the deceased’s body present and available to be viewed, in an open casket or one that has some form of glass viewing panel.

Following a religious ceremony on the last day of the funeral, the body of the deceased is then moved to the cemetery for the burial. Some families may choose to have the body of the deceased cremated instead of buried.

For religious families, or if the deceased was religious, a traditional funeral service is usually the best option.

2. A Memorial Service

Less formal compared to the traditional funeral service, memorial services often take place after the burial or the cremation of the deceased. This means that the body of the deceased will not be present during the ceremony.

Memorial services can be held anytime and anywhere following the death of a person. It is usually used as an opportunity for the deceased’s family to gather together and celebrate the life of the deceased. Many families often hold memorial services at the deceased’s favourite place, like a beach, or park, and other such locations.

Instead of a solemn event where people are grieving for the loss of their loved one, memorial services are often seen as a more upbeat celebration for a wonderful life once lived.

3. Graveside Service

A lot of funeral services and memorial services include graveside services, but it’s not always the case, which is why it’s important to single this out as well.

A graveside service takes place right at the cremation service hall, or the burial grounds, and is often a very brief and solemn event. This is often done by families who are religious, or if the deceased had strong religious beliefs.

During this time, any guests can take a last look at the casket and place flowers before the casket is lowered and buried, or before it is conveyed into the cremator.

Regardless of whatever kind of funeral that you choose to have for yourself or your loved one, it might be best to hire a funeral director in Singapore to handle all of the proceedings.

A funeral is a time for grieving and providing emotional support for each other. The last thing that you need is to worry about how the funeral should be.