What to Do When A Death Occurs

Note: For immediate advice and assistance, call us at our 24/7 hotline at 6455 9909.

When it comes to death and funerals, many people are unfamiliar with the funeral process and what actions to take when their loved one passes on. If you think this could be you and want to better prepare yourself, this guide is for you..

Step 1: Receiving Confirmation of Death

Did you know that Singapore has over 800 funeral companies / licensed funeral operators? Yes, that many on our tiny island! Choosing the right funeral home is important in order to ensure that the funeral runs smoothly and up to your expectations. When a death occurs, it can be a stressful and confusing time, leaving you at a loss for what to do. A funeral company can provide advice on what to expect and execute the funeral service for you. Ultimately, they will be the ones doing the heavy lifting so that you are able to be there for your loved ones.

But WAIT! Are you sure there’s been a death? If your loved one is in a hospital or hospice, doctors and nurses will be able to check. If you are at home with your loved one and are unsure whether they have passed on, here are some signs of death:

  • Check pulse or any signs of breathing
  • No muscle tension
  • Eyes remaining fixed or partially shut
  • Bowel or bladder releasing

If you are still unsure, you may contact a funeral company and they will arrange for a doctor to visit your home.

When you make the first call, our customer service officer will advise you on the entire funeral process, such as cost, set-up decorations and other administrative tasks. With many funeral companies out there, it is crucial to choose the right one for you. Click here for our ‘Guide on Choosing a Funeral Company in Singapore’.

Once you confirm the funeral company that you wish to engage, let them know that you need to activate their services immediately and tell them your location. A representative of the company will proceed to your location.

While waiting: Retrieve the digital death certificate

While waiting for the funeral advisor to arrive, retrieve the death certificate through MyLegacy app. Ensure that the medical practitioner has provided you with the information such as the digital death certificate number before downloading the digital certificate. Click here for our guide to retrieving the digital death certificate.

Step 2: Prepare Items for the Funeral Company (if possible)

Prepare a set of clothing, footwear, and dentures (if any) to be handed to our staff for dressing up your loved one after embalming.

In the meantime, select a suitable photo of your departed loved one to be used as the photo enlargement. You can check with our team if you are unsure which photo is suitable.

Not to worry if you are already at the hospital/hospice/nursing home and have not prepared the necessary items. Our team will be able to make a trip down to collect the items from you after your loved one has been transferred into our care.


Suitable photo for Funeral Portrait


Step 3: Consult with our Experienced Funeral Advisor

You’re in good hands now! At Casket Fairprice, you can be assured of being in good hands. Our funeral advisors serve as the coordinator for all your funeral needs, helping you to arrange the funeral service according to your preferences. They will also advise you on all funeral matters and assist you with the necessary bookings and approvals.

There are many things to consider when planning for a funeral, such as

  • type of religion,
  • number of days of the wake,
  • wake set-up and design,
  • burial or cremation and more.

With our experienced Funeral Advisor, you don’t have to worry about missing important things. For a detailed list of decisions to be made, click here. A checklist is available as well.

Bonus: Be there for your loved ones

Step 4: Your Loved One will be Transferred to our Care

After completing the consultation with our funeral advisor, arrangements will be made to transfer your loved one into our care. Your loved one will be brought back to our dedicated embalming facility to be prepared for their last journey.

Facing the loss of a loved one is one of the toughest and most difficult time that many of us will face. Our funeral service team will advise and provide guidance at every step of the funeral process so you can make well-informed decisions. At Casket Fairprice, we strive to deliver dignified send-offs and provide families with peace of mind, so that you can be at ease to be there with your loved ones to grieve. Let our team handle everything for you while you spend important moments with family and friends.