The avocado toast generation, strawberry generation, or snowflake generation – call them what you want, but Millennials are a markedly different generation from the Gen X and Boomers. While some may say those born in the 80s and 90s lack resilience and are frivolous with their spending, Millennials are also known to be more tech-savvy, knowledgeable, and self-aware.

This has led to a generation that is increasingly ‘death positive’, as some have taken to calling it. Rather than shying away from talking about death, the millennial generation readily welcomes it in conversation, and some have even actively made plans for their end-of-life or funeral.

In fact, it is not as strange as it sounds, and being pre-emptive about one’s death matters can be a wise choice. Here are some reasons why more Millennials are embracing planning their own funeral arrangements, and why you should consider jumping on the bandwagon.

Be in charge of your own funeral

If anything, Millennials hold the idea of individuality and control very dearly. From perfectly curated Instagram pages to planning their dream weddings, everyone likes to have the opportunity to get things done their way. So why not funerals?

Rather than passing the baton on to someone else, planning one’s own funeral presents one with the option to choose exactly how it will go, according to one’s preferences. Whether you’d like a traditional Buddhist funeral, or an unorthodox, stripped down funeral, you hold the power to choose. That way, you will have a funeral that is a closer reflection of who you are.

Cut down unnecessary costs

Millennials are no stranger to being financially challenged as they’ve lived most of their adult lives battling tough job markets and rising costs of living. With this sensitivity to financial matters, anyone would jump at the opportunity to cut down unnecessary spending. By determining what you want for your own funeral, you minimise the possibility of your family members spending on some unwanted aspect of the funeral.

When you plan ahead, you can also begin to set aside savings specifically for your end-of-life arrangements. Some insurance providers also have plans for this purpose. Alternatively, you can discuss with your preferred funeral company to guide you in pre-planning your funeral arrangement.

Lighten the burden on your loved ones

Having to deal with funeral arrangements while mourning the death of a loved one is one of the hardest things to do. When a death occurs unexpectedly, families sometimes find themselves in a tough spot financially to pay for a proper send-off.

You will help your family members lighten this load if you have planned your funeral in advance. At the very least, they will have fewer decisions to make and less financial matters to worry about.

Reduce chances for disputes

Removing the guesswork doesn’t just remove the stress, it also reduces the chances for any conflicts arising from arranging the funeral or after-death matters. It is more common than you think for families to fall apart due to disputes on funeral fees, splitting of assets, and so on.

So, when you put your last wishes clearly in black and white, you’ll also be saving everyone from potential heartache, animosity, and legal fees. You will also ensure that things are done according to your wishes.


There are so many great reasons to begin planning for your funeral and end of life. It’s not just a wise decision to have control over your own funeral, but also a very practical arrangement all around.

You can begin your planning journey by exploring the various companies offering funeral services in Singapore, and finding out what you can pre-plan right now. Death happens to everyone, so why not make it an easier and smoother one when it comes?