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Losing a loved one is one of the most challenging experiences anyone will ever go through. It’s understandable for some people that they don’t wish for their family members to struggle with the funeral costs, the stress of planning for funeral services, and the grief that comes with the loss.

As such, most would consider preplanning their funeral so that when the time comes, their family can focus on mourning and start their healing journey. Regardless of your age now, preplanning helps to make the process much smoother. Below, we explore a few reasons how it can help your family.

It will honour your memory

As the saying goes, “no one knows you better than yourself”. This can be true, especially when it comes to planning your end-of-life wishes and how you prefer to be remembered. Perhaps you would have liked a simple, low-cost funeral service as opposed to an elaborate one. Or you prefer cremation over burial due to your religious beliefs.

Spare your loved ones the agony of guessing and make the preparations in advance. They will be comforted and have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out properly.

It takes away the financial strain

Planning a funeral service in Singapore will cost an average of S$4,500 to S$8,000. Of course, the figure will go up depending on different religious funerals such as Christian and Buddhist funerals. There are also additional expenses like food catering, funeral photography and memorial videos to consider.

Without proper planning, the funeral cost can be a heavy burden for your family members to bear. Financial constraints can add on to their stress and grief, so it would be beneficial for you to plan your funeral in advance and set aside some funds for it.

It ensures a meaningful funeral

Putting together a proper funeral ceremony provides a sense of closure, allowing the family to begin their healing process. As you’ve already indicated specific preferences for your funeral, your family can then focus on offering each other support, comfort, and love at a time when they need it most.

It shows the people you love that you care

Taking care of your funeral arrangements in advance is a caring and thoughtful thing to do for your family. It shows that you are thinking of their best interests, lifting any financial and emotional pressure from their shoulders. As emotions tend to run high during a loss, making big decisions can also become a source of stress and frustration. Preplanning can alleviate uncertainty and avoid arguments between family members when it comes to getting your affairs in order.

Final words

Communicate your wishes for a funeral in advance so your loved ones can honour your life accordingly. Discuss with a funeral director on the ideas you want for your funeral, who will guide you through the planning process.

At Casket Fairprice, we are committed to offering an experienced, tactful and caring service to help you make those important decisions for a funeral. You can trust us to provide you and your family with peace of mind knowing your send-off will be fulfilled with utmost respect and dignity.