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What’s your plan?

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Funeral pre-planning is an optional step that you may choose to undertake. 

What is funeral pre-planning and why should I bother with it?

Planning your funeral ahead gives you the flexibility to decide what goes on during the funeral wake, or maybe you would prefer to not have a funeral service but just a simple ceremonial service with your loved ones. The decisions you made during pre-planning also leave your loved ones with peace of mind and time to spend important moments with one another, not having to worry about making the right decisions for you.

There are many things to consider when planning for a funeral, but here are just 5 major points to take into account and help you get started with pre-planning:

1. Number of days of the wake

In Singapore, a funeral wake can last from 1 to 7 days. Depending on what religion and the rites and rituals you would like to include, the number of days for a funeral wake will vary. For example, in Chinese customs, funeral wakes should only be held in odd number fashion – 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days, starting from the day the death occurs. If you wish to hold the wake for more than 7 days, written permission will have to be obtained from the NEA.

2. Location of wake

Funerals are usually held in HDB void decks of or near the deceased’s home (for those who live in condominiums or landed property). In recent years, funeral parlours are gaining popularity for their modern amenities such as air-conditioning, TV, free WI-FI and private restrooms. Other locations that you can consider are also churches (for Roman Catholic and Christian religions), and also in your home. For wakes held in HDB void decks, an application for a permit will have to be made with your local town council to secure your spot for the usage of the void deck. Bring along a copy of the death certificate and a Singapore Power (SP) bill which indicates the address of the void deck. For families living in landed property, a permit from LTA is necessary if you intend to use part of the road outside our house.


HDB Void deck


Landed property

3. Religion

Funeral wakes are conducted differently based on religion and traditions. For Buddhist and Taoist funerals, there will be rites and rituals held for the deceased. For Christian and Roman Catholic funerals, there will be mass and worship led by pastors of the church. If you do not identify with any religion, Freethinker funeral services are also available.

4. Placing an obituary

An obituary is an announcement of the passing of a loved one. Placing an obituary can reach out to friends and family who you may not be in contact with, informing them of wake details so that they may visit and pay their last respects.

5. Prepare for cremation or burial

You can decide how your body is to be handled after the funeral wake, cremated or buried.

Cremation procedures 

After cremation, remains and ashes can be stored in private/public columbariums, at home, churches or temples, or scattered at sea of the Garden of Peace. 

Land burial procedures 

If you prefer burial, land burial plots have to be arranged with NEA. Singapore adopts a crypt burial system and therefore, burial plots last for 15 years and remains have to be exhumed thereafter.  

If you are interested in funeral pre-planning, Casket Fairprice offers free, non-obligatory consultation services (online and offline available). Arranging a funeral wake? Find out more in the First issue of our Funeral starter kit: What To Do When A Death Occurs